Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My nikah dress

Salam beauties...

Hehe..I got time to update some more. Mybe the last post for today. hehe...bwk besabar=p

Okeh, after all long stories about my sanding's dresses, here I wud like to write about my nikah outfit pulak.

My nikah outfit was actually yg sgt last minute. Cz suddenly my w-planner refused nk buat T_T
skati je kan..I was told so in 2 weeks before the day.
However by the help of my MIL, they made the baju jugak. I don't know how my MIL did that=p

The baju was fine. All ok. Except the kain a lil bit longgar. I did tried the baju on 4 days before the day. But the tailor didn't do anything about that until my nikah day. If I was a bridezilla, I'll sure will call her and ask her to come straight!!

Still, the baju was fine je.

Walking to the surau. I was walking so fast cz I was late to get married=p The surau is just in front of my house=p ahaha

The baju in full (I wore my flats for the outdoor=p)

I just love to have buttons for all my dresses=p hehe..

Hate my hand bouquet=( the lillies just refused to bloom T_T


  1. suka jugak butang2 tuh...comel bangat..

  2. iya..gwe pun suka bangat ni neng=) semua baju gwe juga dibutangin=p

  3. hye...i suke sgt baju nikah tu.nk pinjm idea button yer....i love lots of button too =)



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