Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The inai.

Salam all,

The next topic I'll write here wud be the inai.

Oh well, the topics written does not have any specific sequence to go with. I just write according to the photos in my camera.haha..=p

I decided to apply inai pon sgt lambat. It was the night before my solemnization. So, I called this one kakak to come and lukiskan. As well as my dress, the corak inai was designed by me.

Also, I have decided not to share the contact number with you guys cz I think the cost is too expensive. Doesn't make sense at all. haha..

Here, I attached a few photos of the session.

Mukeku yg sgt2 penat..pinggang nk patah dah T_T mandi pon x sempat..huhu..

Waiting for the inai to dry.

Inai dah siap..tp comot2 sbb x reti nk basuh cemane=( but do not worry, apparently bole je basoh yg comot2 tu ngan air sabun.no need scrubbing pon..use soap water je..(kebetulan je tau mase mandi=p)

There's an old lady told me that the inai that I applied is haram cz it looks like tattoo..


  1. tak haram la. g bace sab sabby nye blog. die ade cite pasal henna ni. tapi aku nnt pakai bese je kot. xde lukis2. nenek gue marah. haha

  2. tau tak haram..i pon ade post pasal hukum inai=)

  3. apesal lak dia cakap haram? ish..motif bunga2 kot.hehe..btw..sy suke sbb simple!

  4. ntah...sukati la..tp i dh cek kt portal fatwa, ia diharuskan..so, xpe.yakin!
    missB:ehehe...kn taste kite kn inai same=)

  5. i pun suka simple design jek.
    meriah2 sgt kang, mcm hape jek! hehe.

  6. eh cantik2...nmpak bunga2 die simpleee jeee...
    sapa yg lukis2 tu dear??

  7. amelyn:kebanyakan design yg die tunjok mmg meriah la jugak..so, to be save, design sendiri jek.my design actually much simpler..but when she lukis, the lukisan tu kind of enlarged.still nmpk sesak jugak in my eyes.
    elya:d design was from me.yg lukis to an indonesian lady yg mmg buat on call lukis inai. But, expensive sgt la.regret jgkla i amek die=(



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