Saturday, August 21, 2010

DIY-family corsage

Salam ladies..

How's puasa??
Being away with my family as Ramadhan started really are testing me. I'm trying my best to be a wife. I have never do house chores before this (honestly T_T)..and I am so touched when my husband teaches me one thing to another. But, it's strange that actually, I know how to cook=p And he complemented all my dishes so far (and all been cooked by me for the first time of my entire life=p). Tp x tipu..mmg sedap..ahahahah=p

Ok, mari kite stopkan aktiviti memuji diri sendiri ini..

Without further ado, let's start with a DIY session.
One of the thing that I REALLLLLY want to DIY was corsage. Most importantly family corsage. Let them say what they want about me being fussy about corsage. Skati la kan..haha..

Pictures do paint a thousand words. So, you will see a lot of pics. Yela, to show u the steps;)

Let's start!

You need: Gam tembak (oho...every b2b sure must have this. It works wonder. You can produce a baju kurung using this gam u know=p). and a fern leaf.

Drop the melted glue on the leaf. Better put the glue kt tpt yg keras sket.

Next step, paste the rose on top of it. Oh, I chose this rose becoz that's the red colour that I love and this fake rose is blooming=)

Now u see a remaining dawai at the bottom, it's ugly. We then will cover that up with a ribbon. Melt some glue there.

And paste a ribbon.

Flip it, and put glue at the back to paste a pin.

Make sure u locate the pin at teh right place or it will drop when u pin in on baju, k. U can agak2 or u can do try n error.

So, thats my corsage. Total cost 60cents. What left to argue for as long as I get the rose that I want=p

My relatives with the corsage on=) Just how I have imagined!

So, senang kan..semuanya maen gam's not hard to DIY actually.
So, for busy b2b, find something easy yet nice in the p.h.o.t.o.s. That's the key=)
Happy trying!



  1. best2... i'm looking for the pin tu sebenarnye... xjumpe2... :( kena teruskan mencari. kedai yg pegi seme xde...

  2. senang gilak lho buat wani. tengok tutorial lain mcm leceh je nak kne belit2 la bagai. ha. camni sonang. lekat je. haha

  3. reen:pin??ade byk reen..mmg kalo scan sendiri kt kedai tu x jmpe..kene tanye org.
    SCR:iya..senang bangat..10 minit siap 30..haha
    tula..v have to think of easy things yg nmpak grand=p

  4. sis!!! i nk tiruuuuu yehh....:D
    nicee laaaa :D

  5. elya:tirula=p haha..not patented pon..hihi



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