Monday, June 28, 2010

solat sunat nikah

Salam ladies...

Wonder about solat nikah?

Click here. Hope that's help:)



  1. hi dear!
    this my first time to be getting married this coming Oct.tu yang baru bz bloghopping n join the B2B community.feel free dropping by n share some info n tips on wedding preparations eh!
    im following u btw~ keep in touch! xoxo
    thanks neway for sharing!

    p/s : happy preparing! =)

  2. hi~~
    thank u back for dropping by my humble blog=)
    I'm trying as much as i cud to help b2bs out there cz i think blogs is one way to find infos about wedding. wud lov to share=)

    happy preparing for u s well ^_^



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