Sunday, June 20, 2010

Montage business

Salam everybody..

Oh, I alwiz love montage. In my opinion, i think montage is one of the thing that makes our wedding memorable to the guess and esp. to d pengantin yg dirai. Since dulu2 lg, I dreamed of having montage on my wedding. But, since my majlis will b in buffet style, I doubt to have montage. For me mcm x sesuai la pulak. I never went to a wedding buffet yg ade montage. I can't imagine how it will turn out. it anyone here could giv me a picture. Is it suitable to have montage when people mingle around while d pengantin do their own business??hmm..

Another problem kan, the montage itself la. i would like my nikah moment to b played for d guest to see. Tp, d video-man tu ckp they probably wouldn't b able to edit n everything in one night, except if u pay more (my experience asking for several videographers la). So, I'm thinking is it worth it to pay more (n of course d quality will b compromised since they hv to do it in a very short time. My nikah will b on a day before d reception, in d evening. Mcm d time is very short=[)..

The first videographer I would like to hire first n foremost was Beehunt. They offered me a very gud price n yet, I have to cancel the plan after my allocation lari T_T So, I move to my videographer skrg. But for those who are looking for videographer with a superb montage, I would recommend Beehunt;)

To be honest, I never have met with montage of my dream lg. I hope my montage (if ade nnt..) wud b d montage of my dream;)

Selection of songs pon sgt penting to give d soul to ur montage. I think d major part of d montage are depending on ur song selection. Even u have a very beautiful wedding displayed, without d right song, it wont b that beautiful. I think la..haha..NO??

It's really hard for me to remember those songs that reminds me of my bunge2 cinte moment. Cz i listen most to Britney Spears T_T But what I really sure of is..I want this song to be one of them:)

Ni lagu pecintaan I which I neve share with him pon;p (kitorang mmg x romantik lgsg T_T)


  1. Nice. ^_^ Me too. My dream montage would be from shutterspeak. but the price...OMG...for single event, they cover rm3k untuk video saje ye. huhuhu. xmampu. T_T

  2. mahai2..if i was so selfish, i wud probably done anything to fullfill my fairytale wedding ni..but my oh my..i am so rationale la, everything will b economical T_T no fun..booo

  3. dear..beehunt nye rate mahal tak yeh??mind to share with me?

  4. elya, kindly refer to ur emel;)



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