Friday, June 25, 2010

Queen4Aday-Edisi Kasot;p

Salam ladies..

I love shoes. Full stop.

Few if it, I love but I can't fit. Bought but eventually I can't fit in it well T_T

Here's a pair. Therefore, this one is open for sale. Wore once. Tak cecah tanah pon, it looks new;)

I it's black n red. Sexy n longgar T_T
Size 4 Vinci.

The price tag still on=p (typical me)..ahaha...Original price=RM69
Selling at RM30

See the back..ade, xdela melecet..and the heel tu made of satin..therefore, it's sexy-ER..eheheh...

Interested??e-mail me at:

I have a lot of shoes..but..still I am not satisfied cz I cannot buy shoes yg branded like nine west, coach and they don't provide my size T_T (ye....inilah lagi satu penderitaan orang petite T_T). So, that's y i usually wears shoes made in Malaysia k..Eh, don't take it wrong. I love local shoes..

But, for hantarans, I want la imported shoes..Went hunting like crazy. Cudn't find the shoes that I crave for AND fit my foot. I found one yg sgt gojes!!!Tgk gamba ni...seryes like what I have in mind for hantaran. Gojes kan??uhuhu T_T (sure cik cincin petak akan tanye ktne ni..wekkk...)

Sebagai tande has been cancelled as one of her hantarans! T_T


  1. hurm... do u mind shoes with no brand? if no, try looking on9... i once spent my mom 3k on shoes and cats and food of course.

  2. dh name pon gile kasot..of course i don't mind no brand shoes;) but, i must say, shoes with brand are usually more comfortable aite??on9??later after d wedding nk try.skrg kene jimat T_T

  3. u size 4 pon longgar??? gile cindarella! my kaki cm kapal layar size 8/9 depending on the design.lolz

  4. ahahahaha..yes..mcm kapal layar terutame if u beli flat=p ahahha (sorry kay=p)
    apparently, i am size 3 T_T gudnews, is, vinci alwiz jual longgok2 kasut saez 3 cz x laku..hehe.

  5. Sangat lucky sbb my size is always unavail bcoz ramai org kaki size ni. huhu T_T sedeh btol. selalu keciwa xdpt kasut yg diimpikan. haha

  6. weh gojes nya kasut pink tu...kat mana tu????

  7. penulis tidak membace komen cik camellia=p ngahahah



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