Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love edible doorgift.yey! ^_^

Salam guys..(sambil melambai2..haha)

Okeh..ini adelah entry yg kelime..sile jgn muntah=p

I just remembered (dan2la nk remember kan..)..I have ordered a berkat a.k.a doorgift from this kompeni-->Berkat DN Enterprise. They provide bahulu, kek n so on so on yg mmg mknn org melayu la..(nk tau lebih lanjut..bole la lawat website dorang)

Everytime I go to wedding kan...I alwiz looking forward to get either a very soft cake, or soft bahulu (bkn yg ade perise2 la..i prefer d plain one) or kerepeks yg bes gle mkn sambil beborak. yg kek2 n kueh mueh yg penting mesti soft. Cz selalu dpt yg keras mcm batu bole baling ke dinding. i alwiz question my mom y do they hv to bake such a keras kueh that is not pleasure to eat????My mom said the purpose is to keep the kueh thn lame..=| ade je i dpt lembut.n loving it!

As I know I lov such a kuih muih n kerepeks, I was planning to give that as our berkat for my wedding. But that's just a plan. Let's just wait n see (cz I changed d ideas like everyday=p) ngahaha..

One of my auntie would like to sponsor berkat from BERKAT DN, let's see how it taste. I never tried their product lg. In this case, xpela..dh org bg. Alhamdulilllah....Called the owner (x ingat name la skrg T-T), n d order was made (yesh!with one simple phone call!). I like cz the procedure pon senang..order..nnt die anta kt umah, n v pay.alahai..senang sgt.

Btw, Thank u again Maklang for ur lov n help=)

B2B yg x berapa suke ngn cupcakes as doorgift (plus x mampu..haha)

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