Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tudung pengantin

Salam for all..

It's been a long tyme since my last update. Honestly, I had a lot in mind to share with u guys, but I just don't have the time and passion to write.haha..I pulak have a problem of short term memory la pulak, I forgot the things that I need to write whenever I was in front of the computer T_T..gosh..Hope this is not applicable to working life T_T

Okeh, just about 1 month left until d day. I was so not in the mood. I have sometimes imagining that my bride-to-be soul had run away and I was chasing it..(mengarut kan..yesh, I love imagining things T_T) So, I do not know what to think about my wedding. I really didn't do much. But yesterday, my bestie from Vanilla and peppermint uploaded her wedding photos. It was a beautiful wedding that I could only asked for. The tent, the food, the doorgifts all were awesome. The perantin x payah nk cite la kan..they looked so cute together.hehe...Sorry guys I cannot put the link to the photos here. I would like to let the bride have the honor to do so=) So, I think we can just wait n see=p hehe

From the photos, one of the things that captured my eyes quickly was the tudungs worn for both recpetions. I was very sure that the tudungs are custom made. You can see the exclusiveness expecially when the gamba focus at perantin pompuan. haha..the beadings pon sgtla the price pon cantekla juge T_T..

So, I straight away sms her, asking where did she gets the tudungs. She told me to find Vispera, specialist for tudung. Y I said specialist??becz she wud design the tudung according to ur face's shape (of course), weight n oso height!!How detail that is!!For someone who's having problem finding tudungs that suit her face (like me T_T), I think custom-made tudungs will b the best option.

Contoh tudung. U ols can tempah the veil s well.

I did sms-ed the owner of the vispera asking for prices.hehe..most of them are rm150 and above. So, it's affordable.

I still has not put any order so far cz I am still thinking about the tudung designs that can go along with my dress. Called the tailor this morning to see how their progression so that I could decide on the tudung. But he/she said they haven't start the tailoring yet T_T all of my THREE dresses..xde satu pon die dah jahit??this wedding planner seriously asking for trouble! (yesh!another reason xde mud nk prepare wedding T_T)

B2B who wished she didn't pay her wedding planner yet T-T


  1. hi dear..pls go for Vispera....I dah tgk koleksi2 tudung vispera..lawa2 semua..u just bg tahu puan vispera, what kind of design yg u teringin nk pakai..then puan vispera akan discuss dgn u...
    and i agree...price die sgt affordable!!!

  2. yeke??oh thanks..its just that where cud i see all d collections btol2??die ade kedai ke?

  3. naper tak leh tgok pun blog koleksi vispera..huhuhu~



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