Sunday, June 20, 2010

meeting with tok kadi;)

Salam semua..

Alhamdulillah..I just met the Tok kadi here. Everything was settled less than 1 minute cz the tok kadi tu apparently my bro's neighbor (he pon just knew d imam was actually d tok kadi..tsk tsk..)

The thing was..I was not prepared (i.e. x mandi bgn tido T_T)..So, I was forcing my eyes to open all d time and also wishing my 'smell' didn't went all over T_T haha..

Even there's kursus kahwin, the Tok kadi still get confused. He said very different things from what I have learnt. Initially la..then i showed him the things that was requested, then baru he understands. Oh my...he was so blur.haha..My tok kadi is not a person with sense of humor. He was very serious yet very nice. He represent a very genuine Imam mude.yesh...he's still young. Oh, my ijab kabul for sure will b a very serious one. Wish me luck ladies!

Dear bebeh,
I got the permission to marry u already..
So, I think for me there's no turning
Oh tibe2 jadi sentimental..rase nk letak one of my feveret photo here;p (I hope u guys didn't get green..haha...not envy green nk muntah =p)

Us kt Yokohama (bkn moto ye ni..haha)

OMG!!lg sebulan je T_T


  1. terharu..dah nak kawen dah kawan aku sorang ni. huhuhu T_T

  2. haha..while i'm feeling numb T_T



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