Wednesday, June 2, 2010

material for wedding dress-teaser

Salam Ladies..

Many of u were asking..eversince I got mad with my decorator la kan..
Baju dah siap belom?? hehe..

Honestly..I pon xtau T_T..xde mood to check on my wedding planner. Maseh terngiang2 pekare2 yg i eavesdrop haritu T_T Seriously, do not put 100 trust on ur wedding planner. This incident made me learned that there are so many evil people out there. Even you r being nice to them, you can't expect a nice reply from them. Y la this people T_T

Two days after my e-day (2 days before my fiance hv to fly back to Japan), we hv already bought all the materials for the dress. what's worst, my wedding planner will tailor all my 3 bajus; i.e. 2 receptions and 1 nikah. How gamble am I to let people that I hav gaduh with to tailor everything T_T Since the wedding planner ni (lets called him@her Mama), dh ade click ngan Jakel, so I hv no choice but go to Jakel. So, v go. N everything was selected according to Mama n My MIL's selera. I am okay la with their options. But, I will b happier if I could choose myself la. haha..

This is the teaser, proving that I have already bought kaen...kpd yg risau tu...dont worry..see..haha..yg sipi2 tu my MIL;) hv to change the colour..xnk busted=p hihi

The thing that I regret was I do not have final sketch of my baju bertandang. So, beli je kaen tanpe ade sketch. That was so wrong u ols. U will end either wasting d kain worth thousands..or there will be not enuf kaen=( So, for the final sketch, I have to think of something which will make full use of everything that v hv bought. hmm..susah sgt T-T

Praying for people in Gaza. This time I really wish I could be there helping them T_T


  1. best nya pi Jakel.. My x tahan la kat Jakel .. kalau pi sendiri macam x reti ja tgk kain. Mesti nak kena ada mak. Ari tue pergi pun, mcm x kena ja.. Diorg mcm suh pilih cpt2.. then kena beli. Haih. Btw. one good thing yg your wedding planner ader klik ngan jakel since I read that diorg mesti dapat harga special.. All the best!

  2. terlalu byk choice..tu yg mcm x reti.kalo g jakel ni mmg xleh bwk duet la..ade je nk beli..lg satu yg bagusnye bwk wedding planner ni..pastu bole beli kaen gune hrge dorang=p hehe

  3. Nak teka! hikhik. would it be pink? hehehe

  4. white then? hehehe XD (nak jugak teka) hikhik



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