Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pelamin-Malay elements

Salam n selamat pg...

This morning pg2 lg dh mengangkut akak g bengkel T_T..keretenye di langgar dr blakang for 10th times kot T_T

So, I am at home right now feeling hungry and nervous. HUngry bcoz x mkn..nervous bcoz waiting for my correction. Can i make it in time?? T_T *pray for me my dear friends*

I have a friend. We r not that close, but i think v are all gud la kan. She told me about most of d thing about her 'after wedding' life. Let alone her wedding prep=p She's got the 'gud news' soon after d wedding. She's d only child ind family. So I guess u people understand how the family respond to the news=) I was also excited to hear it=) But, yesterday i got a very shocking news that she had a miscarriage T_T I don't know what to say. I was really sad that I do not know the words that could comfort her. I wish she would become stronger after this and prepare for another baby to come ^_^ Ganbatte ne!

Went to her wedding in March. Oh, I must say she's a bridezilla from afar. Why do I said from afar?Cz she's done everything thru d internet. She's working in Tg. Malim n d vendors wer all in KL. hehe..But she's really a detail person and I cud say perfectionist kot. haha..

I am sort of envy her for being able to make up her mind about all d concept and all...and the most important sticking to it (which I failed everytime T_T..tgk mende laen je..tros nk mende laen pulak T_T). So, here's d wedding which full of Malay elements. So detail n RED;p

The pelamin setting. Full of Malay elements. Mmg mcm raja sehari kan?? This was from Persada

Not to forget, d dress..d pair wore maroon songket. If I'm not mistaken, d tailor was Man Kajang. The accessories from other vendor..bla2...(that's how she's being so detail T_T). Eh, pengantin yg tukang kipas tu...haha

Saye yg tak-de-la-gedik-sangat sedang dudok bersemayam (eh, btol ke??lol)

To pengantin kt atas ni..I am so sorry to hear about the news. Pray for another baby to come. Take care!


  1. recently pon my best friend miscarriage... dah 2nd ke 3rd time...

    kesian dia... I pon dah tak tau nak guna soothing words mana lagi dah...

    anyway... the maroon songket macam my mom punya. she still has it. I nak pakai... tapi kena kurus gile dulu... minta2 sempat :)

  2. tula zara, just wish this wont b happening to us.nauzubillah..
    fyi, i m d 'smallest' in my bigggg family.still, i cudn't fit in my aunts' old kebaya T_T therefore, a very gudluk to u=p lol



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