Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Red Wedding pule!

Salam readers!
haha..this will b the forth post of d day..haha..I just got so many ideas suddenly (dikale kerja2 terbengkalai ye..)

Ok, I just showed u ols how the orange wedding looked like. It looks delicious rite??
The next day, I went to a wedding in Bkt Beruntung. I was d bride's maid=) again..haha (the best part, I cud eat at meje penantin ^_^).
The theme was red. I think the mother has succeeded to pull out a very well planed wedding la..very smooth n under control. Tahniah makcik!haha..
I arrived there at 1130 together with pengapit laki..( with him..asek kene tanye bile nk kawen..they thought v r actually a nk jwb dah..ckp "insyaAllah' je everytime..haha).
When I arrived, the perantin tgh make up..Inilah hasilnye..taraaa..haha..the mak andam is perempuan n so nice. she asked d perantin to call her frens and ask about d make up whether anything she cud do to improve d time i found MUA yg humble begini.

The bride yg actually tgh pns pakai songket..haha. But I love songket T-T

Sesi feveret pengantin dan juge para pengapit..mkn x hengat dunie..haha

During cake cutting ceremony. Even though d pelamin setting was simple, but for me it was cute n sufficient. It really shows 'less is more'. The colour pon npk sexy;p

The bunga telor yg my mom nampak tros diserang histeria..sorry mak..I have already bought my bunge telor..haha

Last one, perantins, me n my partners in crime;p I just knew these two in one day dah bukak pekung di dada masing2..haha..Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to meet these two wonderful people. God bless!

I wish my wedding theme will work just well. I just love tiffany blue tpnye T_T



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