Saturday, June 19, 2010


Salam ladies!

I love rosses..yes I do..I think they are one of the prettiest creature I've seen. Sgtla cantek segale segi nye...Subhanallah...

So, I was thinking to use roses la for d hantarans kan. I would like to go for pink (oh, again pink is not my feveret colour ye Squarecut ring..hehe). Tp I overheard my FMIL wanted pink rosses for their hantarans nnt. It's ok. I am far from kecewe pon. Cz I still have doubt of using pink rosses during that time. So, my FMIl kind of saved me. haha..

So, what else do I like?I keep questioning this to myself (cz I alwiz hv problem in identifying my own like T_T). After thinking for quite a while..I remembered that I have alwiz said 'cantiknye' to this flower:

But this flower mcm bulky. How d decorator nk gubah afraid to take d risk ( hntrn decorator is oso my wedding planner - who happened to dislike trying new things T_T)

Am alwiz lov morning glory..reminds me of my sunday morning in SAMURA;)


  1. hydrangeas was beautiful.try to fine the smaller piece rather than a bulky one..hehe

  2. yeke??ade yg smaller eh??hmm..i shud go hunt for it;)thanks

  3. my fav bunge too. ^_^ owh..bukan pink ye? purple perhaps? lol.

  4. hydrangeas ko boleh potong to small bunches..dapat dlm 3-4, memang jimat. satu je prob bunga ni..cepat gile layu =(

  5. yeke??mebbi sbb die kecik n nipes kot structure nye..hmm..think i shud shift to another flower;)



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