Sunday, June 20, 2010

personal tip for!

Salam ladies2!lol!

Okeh, dh lewat. I know. But I need to story this one jugak (nada berdegil=p)

Okeh2..of you guys are not convinced with ur selection based on the theories from google ke...frens ke..u can try this--> Looking for close example!

Example: I know one of my fren ni yg lebey kurang je 'tinggi' ngan i. So, I was referring to her wedding je. Lucky me, her wedding day was one of the most beautiful event I have ever seen.She pon mmg pretty=)

So, I've seen her in her wedding dress with this long veil. I think this one is chapel veil kot. Take a look:

See..comelkan d veil??Then again..who said 'not-so-tall' people cannot wear long veil???she just proved it!it turned out sooooo pretty!Hmm..I'm thinking of wearing this kind of veil for one of my recpetion. But which one??

B2B who's at d phase of realizing..being an adult is not FUN at all T_T


  1. baru nak komen. aku bace blog ko from hp. tapi xleh komen. hukhuk. I'll be having this kind of veil tym bertandang nnt. hehe. I like. ^_^

  2. hehe..u r a tall lady arguments!haha



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