Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1minit siap!

Salam all..

Hiya..bilela nk abes wat correction ni T_T..impianku hancur nk grad bln 8 ni Y_Y
xpe, redha..sume tu dh takdir..Justify Full

Yesterday (9/6) [OMG..lg sket je nk kene kawen], went to Klinik Kesihatan Medan Maju Jaya (x silapla name die) which is not very far from my house.Can walk. But pity my car pulak tggl kt umah=p haha..So, hv to bring her along (yesh!my car is a she). Besides car, I did carried along my MP4.sbb tau jela..klinik kesihatan, just after registration, tros put on my MP4. expect to wait like 4 hours kot T_T.

Fill up d form, and x sempat tkn my MP4 on, my number was called. N d test took about 1 minute. DOne!
Ha??kejap gle.waa...buat penat kosongkan d whole morning for just this 1 minute test??waa.....dh smkn bagus industri perubatan Malaysia ni. Oh..rase tue sgt. Sbb mase prektikal like 4 years ago, d HIV test was performed using a serology machine with turnover time 1hour. I am so left behind!

Mase registration, d kakak counter gave me 2 borangs and asked me where's my pasangan T_T waaaaaaa...sedey la jgk kan??Then I answered "pasangan xde".
Then d MA yg buat test tu interview lebey la cz I came alone. They thought I was married by family choice.haha...mmg selalu org dtg berpasangan eh??T_T

Ape2la..d most important, I am a HIV negative;p yey!!approve la bole kawen.haha..

B2B whose asking no more than a memorable solemnization;

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