Saturday, June 19, 2010

long veil only for tall bride??

Salam all..

Weekend ni relax sket. No weddings!what a surprise^_*
Ok, br terfikir about my veil T_T haha..(1 month left br nk tefikir T_T)

During my meeting with our wedding planner, my FMIL had requested for a long veil for bertandang. But, my wedding planner arrogantly said "die ni pendek..nnt lg nampak pendek".. then my FMIL pon senyap (but, me mmg geram la...). I didn't get angry becoz he/she said that I am 'pendek'. Cz it's a fact. I can live with that. In fact I had live with that fact for 25 years already. I'm ok people saying that. Seriously. What made me bengang was..d idea that he/she said about fashion were all myths!!She/he definitely got ZER0000 knowledge about fashion. And yet he/she acting that way.

Who said short people cannot go with long veil???
Even I am not majoring in fashion, I know I can fit in long veil very well. has to be cut according to my proportion la..of course I cannot wear long veil meant for a big bride. It's as simple as that. So, to support my opinion on this (if this wedding planner wanna argue with me later..), I've googled, n found this article.

To petite bride out there..YES!!you can wear long is not that 'lime' after all..hehe
So, I am convinced. But, I still love heavy beadings to go with it. Then I remembered WTL. She wore long veil WITH heavy beadings too=)

lihat saje kegojesan Ashylla ini..*jeles*

But, what makes me couldn't stop thinking this veil got 2 layers??i.e. first layer with beadings and d second one is d plain long veil??I couldn't see it clearly la..T_T Any ideas??

B2B who thinks she needs to act bitchy on this matter!


  1. its ur day, just go with what u want..nnt menyesal plak.. i have no idea about veil2 ni and completely blind..thanks for opening my eyes!!kena msuk list..thanks!!

    i've linked u!

  2. that's soo true..before this i was thinking are they happy with my selection??is she/he (d w-planner) happy with what I'm saying??oh, that's crap. u hv to get what u want. like soo bad.
    btw, veil sgt important tau. choose carefully;)

  3. wanie, aku pun tak tinggi tapi belasah jugak pakai :p mcm ko ckp as long proportion dgn our size & heels 4 inci confirm membantu!

    btw veil tu 1 layer. bead tu heavy kat top. jgn tertipu dgn gambar veil tutup muka budget ala2 veil 2 layer matsaleh tu, trick photographer je..dia belasah tarik semua veil aku ke depan nk buat shot tu hehehe..

  4. itula pasl..ingat 2 layer..haha..pastu i ingatkan veil mesti cut lurus..seeing urs, x semestinya lurus yea?hm..i nk kene cuci gamba veil u, n show it to my tailor;)



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