Wednesday, June 23, 2010

invitation card and the story behind...

Salam everybody=)

Am I having mutation?cz I have suddenly love to write?lol!
Btw, I just got my invitation card from d sponsorer a.k.a my FMIL=p From d beginning, I didn't know how it looks like, until yesterday when she handed them to me. When I saw d card, I was like..nk jump d cards looks sooo sweet. I's pink ( I actually love pink without realizing it??T_T). Alhamdulillah d cards are all pretty even though I didn't have the chance to choose. I should thank my FMIL of course for being so tasteful ^_^ Thank you Auntie!
So, here's d card=) She said she bought yg 'murah2' je..but for me, it doesn't matter s long as it's worth d penny;)

So, here's d card=) She said she bought yg 'murah2' je..but for me, it doesn't matter s long as it's worth d penny;)

Can't wait to distribute them!hihi..
Who want?leave me ur address k=) (like so many je followers T-T)



  1. canteknye kad itu..hihi..boleh tau tak buat kat mana? tgh survey2 jugak ni..

  2. oh my, i have no idea where did she tempah this. segan nk tanye kan..haha..ikot je..nnt i suro my fiance tanye mak die..haha
    but at d back printed 'true love'. try google;)

  3. owh dear... it is sweet.... despite tak suka pink.... but im making an exception for ur wedding card...

    sangat simple and sweet!

  4. thanks dear zara. Me as well..i lov d simplicity here. esp. for wedding card rite?i just dont like d colourful w-card which currently 'in'.i had no idea that my card gona pink. thank god it turned out superb;)

  5. u still need my address? haha. tak bagi siap! hahaha XD

  6. haha..u n cik vanilla tu exception la;p
    mesti bg..nk 4 pon bulih..sbb byk gle mak die print T-T pastu asing2 lak tu..haha..ko nk dtg belah son, bulih amek kad die pulak.haha

  7. queen..sukanya kad hang.. comey :)

    bukan u je, i pun lately suka sangat pink.. omg! can't believe i said card pun turned out to be pink too! haha

    nanti i reveal k...

  8. soft pink sgt in la skrg..=)
    tantekkkk..bile mahu distribute kad??kihkih..

  9. MissMaira:Thanks. Me lov too!i mean ok la wit d price=)
    Mawar:tula..but naseb baek cantek;) distribute card maybe early july. nnt org missplaced pulak anta awal2;p (my mom said =|)
    missbutterfly:where u want to go??XD

  10. ur wedding la dear..hhehee...(xmalu)

  11. oh miss come!^_^



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