Thursday, June 17, 2010

at some point, life is not fair T-T

Salam all..

Inilah saye..kalo dah stat melemparkan idea tu..melambak2 la die kuar yg telebih2=( So, I have to write them fast (while keje yg melambak ni tebengkalai T-T)..ok2 cpt..pastu I can continue with my nihongo catch up!

Actually, I've bought my wedding ring already.hehe..Tell u ols, I am not satisfied with my ring. Seriously not satisfied (another reason of xde mud nk kawen T_T). I've shared with you guys the ring that I want for my wedding (for those yg blur..sile bace ini post).

One day, I went to MV with my fren for cincin hunting la. I showed her the cincin that I would prefer (to have exactly is of course important). Just after I showed her that..I saw a ring exactly like what I've shown. was so pretty even my fren fell in lov with that ring. I was so happy that my face tegang mcm kene suntikan botox=p

I straight away requested for that ring without turning to other rings. OMG2!!!

But...they dont have it my size=( Sudahla tgh sale 70%..pastu exactly what I have in mind. It's a ring of my dream=( I asked them to custom made for me even I have to pay full price. They said cannot cz my finger was so tiny that the diamond may drop=(, small people cannot have that kind of ring??tht's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, I forced myself looking into other collections (yg lebey kurang la.) My second option wud be the princess cut. SO, I force myself to find one that I second like. Honestly, NO..nothing cud replace the classic look ring that I longed for=( Adela satu..okla..I asked them to resize cz they again dont have it in my size=(

Princess cut ring-google

After one hour..the salesperson told me that they failed to resize the ring. Cz the ring could only go down to 2 points so that the diamond are well preserved. get to my size, they need to go down until 9 points T_T So, I fed up and avoid myself to think of rings for a very long tyme=(

Just past few days, I found the courage to again visit kedai brg kemas. haiya..the salesperson still recognize me and of course la pity me of not being able to get what I want. So, I asked what options left for somebody who just have bones and skin (not to forget boobs=p) like me??=( x laen x bukan..solitaire la.....waaaaaaaaa....tunang haritu nk solitaire lg??waaaaaaaaaaa..bape byk solitaire nk ade kt tgn..kang calar balar muke laki senirik bile kite nk belai die=(

At the end, v manage to find the designs that 'they cud do'.OMG..I seriously need to drink more milk la=( haha..So, I pick the diamond. Diamond pon satu hal..I want the H dan2 la H colour mahal. So, I have to go with D colour again (my engagement ring pon D). Xde yg spesel pon for my wedding ring=( waaaaaaaaaaaa...
Mintak2 my fiance x bace I lied to him that I love the ring=( Sorry cz dh xde hati nk hunt for rings nymore=(

B2B yg rase xpela about the ring, asalkan nikah tu semuanya lancar;)

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