Friday, May 21, 2010

nk cincin kirk kara T_T

Salam ladies,

Lately I read most of you were writing about ur cincin hunting. Most of you would like to have another ring for your wedding. So, there will be 3 rings on our fingers i guess ^_^..oh, me too would like another ring as the symbol to the knot. i do not see any reason to choose other than that. hehe..

I got a ring of my dream for engagement. So, it's kind of hard for me to find a better version of my liking T_T. Actually, I do have one. But, I've seen nothing like this in here. In case you guys have seen anything like in the picture, please notice me, k. This one is from Kirk Kara.

If can, I am avoiding solitaire ring cz it will not be nice to have more than one solitaire ring on your fingers rite?but, it's hard to find 'un-solitaire' ring yg pretty T_T

nk cincin kt atas tu T_T


  1. kalau custom made? tak mahal sangat kot.

  2. tula..esp if tempah kt habib ke kan..hmm..but i dont think d moms will allow this kind of ring for 'wedding' T_T



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