Sunday, May 9, 2010

up for grab! ^_^

Salam everybody;

Today I got sometime to snap the things tht I wud like to let go. I lov all of them, but it seems that it's such a waste to just let them sit in d cupboard. Plus, I'm going to move in several months.SO, would u guys interested to take care of them pulak??=)

Here's the things..

white veil with blue beadings. I was supposed to wear it on my e-day. It turned out d colour doesnt match (maybe mmg dr awal I xnk pakai veil, so goes d fate ;p)...
oh, maafkan saye modelnye adek yg br bgn.haha..
Beand new, wit price tag still on=)

Letting this one go at RM30

At Rainbow's End by Cecelia Ahern- RM10

Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella- RM10

The Party Season and Playing James (2 stories in 1 book) by Sarah Mason- RM10
I bought this one when I was in Cairns, Australia.

Keronsang 3 berangkai. Neva used. (haha..xde tujuan je beli=p). I bought this one kt Tiffany Jusco. It has lifetime warranty (the warranty card was not included cz if anything u cn just bring the barang to them and they'll recognize it. So, its really a thing that's worth having ^_^)

Let this one go at RM 80 (the original price as shown-RM138)-including postage fee

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