Wednesday, May 12, 2010

baju tunang-d story

Salam girls!

Many of you were talking about my baju. haha..u guys, its just baju kurung moden je..the one thing that make it looks so fabulous i think is the colour kot. I didn't expect it to turn out so sweet n cool in the picture. I bought that piece of kaen becoz that's the only that caught my eyes (read this post). Alhamdulillah it turned out that pretty without me expecting it. Praise to Allah =)
The bad news about it is..I don't have the picture of me full bodied=( waaaa...

Here's the best picture I can share with u.

I'll put a better picture if it happens I found any later (I mean when I got the official piccas;])

As the bridezilla, I guess u guys can guess la..the material was chiffon..but u guys must know that there's many types of chiffon. I bought this one at the Gulatis. For some weird reason I dont know why I'm not attracted to Jakel.haha..I did checked the price for both kedai. I was pretty surprised that Gulatis did offer a gud price (xde diskaun yet better price than jakel during their opening sale kt Shah Alam..tsk2..)

I did not wear any veil cz I didn't want to. Afraid that I'll look too much for a small ceremony. But, U guys must know that it is nothing wrong with wearing veil. Hehe..

My tudung was self-made using my baju leftovers. Jimat kan??N of course it was freakinly matched=p hehe

For those yang bakal bertunang..take it easy.N hepi trying!



  1. walaupun just a glimpse tapi dah dapat agak yang tudung u mesti camtek gak!!!

  2. oh my! cant wait to see the whole look of urs. n i agreed with zara, tudung u mmg dh cantik je eventho nmpk sikit je. :)

  3. Dear...u have been tagged. Sila jawab ye. hehe

  4. zara: haha..bole thn la..tenkiu=)
    miss b2b:tenkiu2. I wish I have the picture of whole me s well T_T
    scr:ok2..nnt dh review urs td..can i not doing it =p

  5. Hoho...sile jawab ye. hihihi. I nak tau! hehee

  6. bley i tau, kt mn u tempah bju? cos tgh nk tempah bju nih..huhu tq ya..

  7. vee:I tempah kt tailor dkt rumah i designers.sorry ;(



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