Friday, May 21, 2010

the wedding dress that I cannot get T-T

So many posts in one day??haha..unfortunately, I am that kind of person. I will have so many ideas flooded whenever I started something. Sometimes, it's really hard to stop (hence my thick thesis T_T)
Oh, I am so sad to post this tajuk=( The dresses that I was not allowed to make. Not allowed?? T_T Due to some complicated circumstances, I was not allowed to make anythings that has western element.haha..I referred to too many westerns magazines. Tht's y my likings are mostly evolve around that. Hence, all submitted designs were all 'gowns-looks-like', for my house, of course passed. for bertandang..failed T-T

This was the first wedding dress that I fell in love so instantly. Really fulfilled the all criteria set by my unofficial wedding planners=p haha.. This dress I tried it in Diana Bridal (Fotome Studio), Semua House. Tell you, their baju are all superb. jahitan yg terpuji, d layana first class. Only when I visit them, I start to like Malay wedding dress T-T. I paid the deposit to make this dress according to my size but different colour satu kes..I have to forget this dress and the deposit went burnt T_T

Yang ni plak I sooo want. But again, I was not 'permitted' to do this design T_T..xpela, redha je..

B2b whose so sad writing this post;
Queen4ADay Y_Y


  1. Oh Tuhan. Cantek nya yang second tu. Fell in love!!!! Masya-Allah. Nak!!!!

  2. tau xpe..i fell in love instantly when i saw this.visit saiful nang's for more=) akan jd lebey irresistable T_T

  3. so english theme di belah kamu ye cik wani? hehehe

  4. haha..wat to do..itu je yg berkenan dimateku T_T tu psl la kene rejek ngan ahli kuarge T_T

  5. takpe2. bukan diorang yg nak kawen. haha



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