Sunday, May 23, 2010

e-day's album

Salam ladies..

I got fever today.hence the time to update=) hehe...(alasan=p)
I read a post on wedding cheat from sab's blog.
It happened that I was actually done most of that. But for my e-day la..haha..(can't believe i was such a cheater..and it was revealed T_T) haahha...

One of the thing that saved me a lot was photographer n d album. From the previous post, u'll know that I'm getting all the workhorse for free. I got all the raw files from them. The number of photos were countless (of course, there were 4 photographers T-T). Dah name pon free kan..takkan nk suroh dorang editkan siap2, I did all d editing of the pictures that my mom asked me to cuci T-T haha..(I did all this for the sake of her demand;[)

So, I decided to learn how to do all this editing. My fiance told me to download a software called 'lightroom'. But I forgot when d time I need to do that (wrongly searched for 'lighthouse' T_T). So, I ended up using Picasa. haha..Not bad.So...easy.hehe..At first I was questioning why la the photographer mintak mhl2...when I was done with photos number 150..hari dah, that's y. It consumed a lot of time la tapi. But, as for me, it was a satisfactory experience that I could determined how my pictures were supposed to look like.

At the end, I have about 200 piccas edited by me=p hihi..But, this thing pon u cannot simply do it starting with zero knowledge. hehe..Y?cz after cuci I found that the yields were not exactly d same with what our monitors might be showing. er...tak paham??er..its like..this artworks required experience. U need to have to b really good to predict the actual colour when it is printed (cz my printed photos all laen from the monitors T_t).

here's the teaser for my e-day's album..hehe

(the cover..abaikan muke my fiance.hoho)

Album tu murah gle.haha..tak sampai x??;)

The b2b yg sedang mrh dgn decoratornye..


  1. cool! hhehe. bile boleh tengok ni? hehe

  2. dont see..d kale sume lari.haha..nk try lightroom plak..haha

  3. serius??? murahnye..even buat sendiri punn dalam range x smpai rm50 ??

  4. hehe..x sampai rm50 pon..;)even if u tried 4times to pull out d album pon, still way cheaper than hiring

  5. abaikan your fiance? tak bole nk abaikan sbb dh ade kat situ hehehe....

    ade one of my fren photog jugak, buat photobook harge rm350...siap edit..mula2 ingt mahal tp bile tgk kualiti photobook, i think affordable..just 2mycent

  6. oh, tht's quite cheap.that includes his service as photographer skali ke??



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