Sunday, May 9, 2010

when he pop the Q


It's late..but I'm still awake cz have been falling to sleep several times today due to excessive feeding of scientific words to my brain that they frequently broke down and send to snooze=|hahaha..(I'm serious=|)

Done with story of my e-day, I would like to write about this one thing tht's sure will cause u guys turned blue..haha (but I hv no choice cz sure I'll forget about this in no time juge T_T)
Oh, he proposed..i mean..officially..mcm dlm tv tu..haha...
it's a big deal fer me cz it's him. His gene supposedly not doing that. The last time i checked, he doesn't have the genes to do tht.haha..

Ok, the story started when he asked me out to dinner. He asked me to buy a new dress and it shud b a formal dress. U know what i did? i went and bought kaen ela straight after he told me that. But my brain just decode "beli kain buat baju baru" haha..I didn't even wanna know what he's up to. i forced my tailor to make a baju according to my design. Oh wait!I'm in a tight budget (u guys know this rite) that I bought a very cheap kaen. I did a design that's surely will leave me with a very low charge. The yield was superb!Can't wait to wear it!Even my tailor was impressed how she cud pulled out something that's so elegant from kaen yg sgt murah.hehe..

My fiance (during that time was my bf) arrived in M'sia on Thurs night(last week). He's only here for 5 days T_T. In 5 days he has to go everywhere for wedding prep. Most of the time, he spent with our weddng planner (hire by her mom). He's rarely spending time with me. But I don't mind as long as he can finish everything by time. And that's why he couldn't make it to the dinner. I don't mind cz i hate dinner.haha..i just can't eat passed 8. I got dry mouth, hence food could not be digested=p And my extravaganza baju dinner jadi harte karun saje...xpe, i still can wear it later.

Wait...the story still x ended..

On the final day he's here, he called me in the morning. He refrained me from taking any meals cz he's going to bring me out to lunch (I fed so little at a time, so if I've already ate in the morning, I couldn't feed any in the afternoon). He brings me to this exclusive restaurant that he originally wanted to bring me for dinner. Its the Seri Angkasa restaurant, at the Menara KL.

Bile dh sampai-My reaction??"ni ape kene nk g mkn kt sini ni??" (sambil buat muke pelik)haha..

He was suddenly being a gentleman and I was like..what happened to him??=| He was like unstable je all along..rupeny2 tgh susun ayat nk propose.haha...when the waiter passed him d bill, then barula he pop the question with all the promises2 la..haha. I was so shocked and blushed sesangat2..haha..tah pape je la die ni..dh betunang br nk propose! Me when v arrived at d twintower..d service n d food wer superb!

You guys are right..of course i said I DO ^_^



  1. canila naseb org jmpe setahun sekali T_T

  2. ok wat. xpe. lepas ni boleh jumpe slalu. peluk2 time winter. hikhik

  3. cite2 pelok time winter ni spt pernah ku dgr ya..haha..
    but at least he buat jgk la ini mcm..haha..



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