Friday, May 21, 2010

E-day's photographer


I haven't yet writing about photographers for my e-day. Oh, I didn't have anyone that's official, especially on my part. I just ajak my friend to help me snap the pictures. The camera she has also not like an official photographer suppose to hv=p haha..btw, I would like to express how much I thank her for sudi taking d pictures for FREE=p She lah yg snap all the pics during my make up session=) You can find her here. She's one of my bestfren since I was a teenager.Thanks buddy ^_^

As I remembered, tht's d only photographer that I called. But, turned out that day, I got FIVE photographers. Syukur alhamdulillah...Besides Camellia, my cousin Yazid showed up with his newly bought camere with all d other gadgets (yg flash2 bagai tula..haha). What makes me so touched was, his dad bought the camera just to take the photos of me?? cool was that. Thanks Uncle Roslan ^_^ So, I got him as my photographer plg terer on that day (for my part la).

The rombongan arrived with their 2 'official' photographers. They were the brother of my fiance and his fren.haha..(official la sgt..). But dorang ni mmg dh terer la jugak. I was so impressed to see their edited version of the pictures (er..excuse me..all the pictures attached previously r unedited=p). Here's one example=)

You mini pelamin was located at a very wrong place. Just on the top of it, there was my house's main switch box which during that time just got changed. The leftovers from the old switch box was still there cz the contractor x sempat nk siapkan=( So, the appearance was hideous=( The vendor plak g pasang kt situ (during pelamin installment tu i was not at home T_T). So, I was so sure that the gamba2 all will be buruks=( However, they came out with something (whatever) to cover it. d above=p

In later days, I found out one of them got blog to promote his artwork. So, he's already in business ladies.haha...For those who would like to try his talent, you can visit him in here. My e-day piccas are featured in there too;p haha..

Hmm..I found out that, nice photos are 50% the camera, and 50% the touch. So, I'm learning how to 'beautify' the raw collections that I have. Wish me luck ^_^

B2B who has mistakenly called Lightroom for Lighthouse T-T



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