Friday, May 21, 2010

little box...where r u??=(

Salam ladies..

It's been a while..its been a while. But I was actually doing blog walking. hehe..yes2..this time I am aware that this blogs world is actually that BIG??woho..Pening pulak bile dh bace byk sgt=p, I think I should stop turning to junctions and pay more attentions to the neighbors=p (ape2 aje la intro aku ni..T_T)

Oh, I'm thinking of using this boxes as most of my door gifts are small edible things (insyaAllah) that has to be put this kind of box. (Image source: x ingat T_T..rasenye Marrymedeco n such or 4weddingku)

As I did blog walking, I found one B2B who also will use this box. She said she bought this box from a bakery. So, I went to d bakery in Shah Alam (I used to go to this bakery). They got many types of boxes. Unfortunately, they do not have this kind of box=( [dan2 je xde..T_T]..then I went around Shah Alam searching for this boz alone!!!None of them sell this. It's weird rite??I thought this box is common je. Y is it so hard T_T maybe the kedai in the meantime is located in my blindspot. I think I have to calm down..n look at some other places=(

If you guys happen to know where to get this, T_T



  1. --> have u browsed her blog?

  2. i just did.thank you.tht's so generous of u.thanks so much!^_^

  3. dear,

    dkt tmpt u ade kedai yg jual semua jenis brg2 utk majlis perkahwinan? mcm kt tmpt i, ade satu kedai tu nama Rainbow. i tatau la kedai ni kt utara je ataupun tak..100boxes is about Rm20..:)

  4. ha??wat??waaa...murahnye T_T d shop yg i jmpe, die hanye nk let go if i buy 1000 pieces.ade ke patut??hmmm..i don't think i'm gona use this box cz mcm susah sgt nk cari T-T



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