Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my engagement pelamin

Salam to everybody!

Lately I received a lot of encouragement from my dear frens to start a hantaran deco services.haha...I am so delighted to know that I am that talented??oh!But, I just had this experience once. So, it will still be a long journey for me to actually do that. Still, I need to start some where isn't it?hehe..(sape la yg nk jadik mangse petame ye..) oh yes!I will b glad to help those whose on tight budget yet wanted a unique deco for their hantaran. Oh, i dont have leftovers u know.Everything that I bought has been used up well=) *sesi puji diri sendiri*

Back to the topic. A lot of my relatives asked me this (of course with faces): "u said there'll be no pelamin as u r on a tight budget??"

Yes, I know.I've been mentioning it like many times to people around me and also in the blog (if I'm not mistaken). I was mentioning that I would do this engagement thingy a very small ceremony. The pelamin was actually sponsored by someone who's really wanted me to have a beautiful engagement ceremony. He said he knew me that I will regret if I'm not doing that (yes, I am that kind of girl T_T). He knew me so well that he rented a mini pelamin for me. So, I was in mini pelamin hunting sort of last minute (he of course cannot hunting cz he's living outside of this country).

Because of my engagement day was on d1st of May, which there's wedding everywhere, I had a difficult time to get a vendor. To hire my sis's vendor (mase die bertunang haritu), no thanks. They hv been blacklisted by me=|. My mind pulak during that time asyik nk jimat je..haha..so my mind was telling me to find the cheapest one ever! N I managed to get a mini pelamin which I think d cheapest kt Klang Valley kot ^_^
Here's the pelamin (sorry..I didn't get a picture of the pelamin only..i mean yet!)

The pelamin was from Wedding Galore (located in Bangi).

Many people (especially my relatives) been comparing mine with my sis's. Of course they said my sis's prettier. It should be la becoz the price pon jauh beze. But I still thinks my pelamin worth every penny ^-^ hihi (my fiance hate it jugak tp T_T)..

Don't you guys think this pelamin looks nice in pictures??hmmpphh...



  1. Haha XD
    how come he hated it when he's the 1 who wanted it? haha XD
    the pelamin is fine, dear. ^_^

  2. he wanted it, but d one who hunt for it was me.So I was d one who did the selection sume la..n he hates it. My intention was gud-->I wanted d cheapest one je T_T

  3. dear.!
    we got the same pelamin.look at mine!hehe
    n i've been tru a bad exp of the pelamin.huhu T_T

  4. Haha. xpe sabar2. Next time u email him all the pictures of the dais. Let him make the selection. haha

  5. hate it? cantek laaaaa. lampu liplap blakang tu bes bess. any idea mana nak carik lampu liplap jurai2??

  6. cantek?tenkiu..lampu liplap jurai tu ade byk je kt kedai harware o ikea pon ade ^_^



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