Wednesday, May 12, 2010

E-day's MUA


I'm so stressed to do my work.
First, I've been exploring Pavillion and the Gardens searching for a pair of shoes to be made as hantaran. Surprise2..none of them came in my size i.e. UK3 T_T.. NineWest nope, BUrberry Nope..DKNY nope..Coach nope =( The smallest size available in Malaysia is 6 T_T sekian terkubur harapan ku=( For now, the option left is whether no shoes..or i just go with local brand T_T

Second, I am so damn worried for my afraid. Only my frens can tell why (s they already seen the other dresses made by the boutique.. I could say they were awful=|)

Third one, i have a very short time (which I hate to be in rush) to complete my writing. If only it was corrected earlier T_TWhatever, fate brought me to this situation. And I am Wani. So, I'm used to challenges =| (kate2 semangat!)haha..

As the tajuk on top, this post will story about my MUA. hehe..Actually, I didn't get any official MUA. She's just my old2 fren. I can say that she's one my my bestie ^_^ haha...she has her own blog about make-up2 ni. She put some videos and etc to teach us how to. But I dont have time to actually practice them. Plus my job dont need me to put on any, so that's how I dont have the reason to do tht=p You can find her in here. If u like my make up, dont hesitate to contact her. She's good in following ur directions=p haha..N I must say that she has the same taste with most of us. I mean, she's into mekap x tebal sgt. So, gud for e-day and solemnization=) N she's also a bridezilla=p
Here's the best photo I can attached;)

bulu mateku yg mmg palsu..haha

inilah hasilnye..i still got my face on (x mcm pakai topeng pon=p haha..) oh, ramai yg mahu lihat tudung itu..sile lihat puas2=p haha..

Ask me?yes!I do lov my make up=) Thank you Mmo-d-bridezilla-juge!haha..

Till then,


  1. a'ah lah. cantek make up. simple tapi canntek. u dah mmg cantek lah :p

  2. haha..tenkiu..i was so scared to try any MUA yet based on my sis's experience. For d wedding..berserah jela T-T
    me?cantek?haha..gadis melayu biase je;p btw, tenkiu again!^_^

  3. amboi nampak! hehehe XD

  4. do visit

  5. oh, thanks.ok, ur link pasted ^_^

  6. thanks.. akak dah follow.. hope follow balik.. mmuahh!..



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