Friday, May 21, 2010

susahnye nk carik tudung t-T

Salam sekali lagi..hehe

The thing that I stressed the most for my wedding is my of course la my's true rite..people usually pay major attention to this it's just me T_T hhaha...never mind2..
oh, ok. My ambition (wahh..haha) is to have different looks for 3 majlis. I was so delighted to have many opportunity to dressing up=p hehe..(I alwiz finding reasons to dress up all d time..nvm, my own wedding ^_^). So, the bridezilla in me will only showing herself when it comes to MY OWN DRESS.haha..

Our looks will not just depends on the dress rite. The tudungs will also play a big role. If baju cantek..but tudung senget2 plus so unsuitable with d dress, there's no use jgk kan. As I will have 3 major events (xdela major like so BIG=p), I'm thinking of having 3 different looks..ngehehe..
Our tudung really plays roles in giving our looks. I'm sure you guys agree to this. Besides tudung awning (which is easy to manage, and also giving us a clean looks), what else can I try?
For you guys yg muke bujur sirih, tudung selection is definitely not a problem. I got a heart-shaped face (rasenye bulat). It's between the two shape=p So, it's worse rite T_T..

Sesuai x pakai tudong cani??mane nk carik ar??

Image source: Rizman Ruzaini

Ataupun yg mcm kt kepale DCT ni..but of course my hair will b fully covered ^_^

Justify Full source: Rizman Ruzaini

Atau tudung DCT ni..xyah apply veil..hehe..seswai??NO??cantikkan baju ni??nk T_T

B2B yg enggan mengenekan tudung awning T_T


  1. found ur tudung already? i pun try to avoid from the tudung awning tu..but xtau lg pattern caner n xtau nk cari kt mana..:( any idea?

  2. no T_T nk mcm dct mane la nk carik..i wud probably ask my personal tailor bout u??



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