Sunday, May 9, 2010

my cheap hntarans!


Note:This post is the continuation of the previous post=]

First of all, yg cheapnye bunga2an ..brg2 bole thn la..haha..
This post is specially dedicated to bride-to-be yg on tight budget. those with high budget, u still can read..but dont la laugh..haha.

Ok, here there are..the hantarans made of very cheap2 flowers and materials. I just used one roll of blue ribbons and cream ribbons, a few stalks of flowers and all cheap basket=p sorry in laws=(

Sepasang kemeje and mini tie for him (he likes to wear minitie mase jln2). oh, s u can see, the shirt n d tie didn't match becoz its not my intention to get those yg match. The story was I bought d minitie before v knew that we'll get engaged=) wait for him to return then i give it to him. Seems like he balik for our engagement, then I just put it together with the shirt. oh look at the lapik dulang. That was actually belong to the groom's. The problem was, the photographer didn't aware that my sister had switched all the dulangs=( then my hantarans jd colourful in pictures=(
Sejadah and kain pelikat for him. and this has got telangkup during this shoot.then the photographer hd to rearrange everything back.n that's the reason like all the things tecepuk kt dlm bakul tu**t!the lapik dulang doesn't match.mine one was in cream colour (recycling my sis's=p)

A basket of fruits. Btw, there's my feveret apples underneath the grapes=p (oh, i cannot tell u the name of the apple=p cukupla fifi sorang je yg compete with me to get those apples =|)..again, wrong lapik dulang=|
Strawberry jellies. Have to put them in a box cz its already in a box=p haha..tried to take it out, but it was made glued to the base of the box. So, i just put a little decoration to the box. ni lapik dulang yg betul ye kwn2=) chocolates for him. tp like d rest..lapik dulang salah T_T
sarawak kek. I hate creamy cake and also fondant. Mcm x bes je nk mkn. So, I decided to give them eatable cake. The price was more or less same..but this one bes sket nk mkn ^_^
The flowers are not synchronized with the others kan?bcz the bakul was sponsored and also the cake. The thing is both people yg sponsor ni didn't know about the blue theme ^_*

That's how all my hantaran looks like from all cheap2 materials.haha..(Stingy!)
No la..not stingy..but I'm thinking of pembaziran..the most important is the thing that we gave. The deco tu asal ade je.n I think I made them quite comel jugak la=p least acceptable la d appearance=p

Whether they matched with groom's hantarans?
Of course no. I realized that from the beginning. So, I guess no matter what I did, I wont get to match them=( They used fresh flowers for all the dulang and all were tempah from kedai. For one week my room smelled roses. bes2..

Here's the sneak peek from groom's hantaran..

That's the story mainly 'how to save ur money'..haha..
Happy trying! ^_^

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  1. 1 je hantaran dr lelaki? hehehe show us more. haha

  2. haha..mcm x tau je alamat fesbuk saye ye...

  3. cheap ke??? duit jugak tauuu..hehe..nad pun engagement buat simple je. and i love ur engagement attire. blue is sweet..teringat mase tunang pakai biru jugak.. :)

  4. itula..dh plg cheap pon..byk juge abes..dh name pon majlis kan..redha je la..niat besedekah la jugak..
    yup2..i saw ur engagement pic.sweet?time kaseh ^_^

  5. wow..u did it by urself...cantikk :)
    hopefully i boleh buat sendiri jugak nnt :)

  6. yes..i did everything in 3hours..haha..patah pinggang la pastu t_T



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