Monday, April 5, 2010

my all cheap material hantaran=p

Salam girls=)

It has been a long time since my last update. Actually I alwiz being reminded by some sort of force in my self to update this blog. BUt, due to 'mind-block-in-front-of-monitor' disease, I wasnt been able to T_T. haha
What a day today. I started my day with journal analysis..after 5 minutes, my head was on the table=| So, I sms my friend who happens to be so loyal to temankan me for d wedding prep. She also so bising about me havent do any prep yet for my engagement day. I still remember during her prep for her sister's e-day. She prepared everything a month in prior.haha..(while my e-day will b arriving in less than a month=p)

A lil different with her, I decided to shop for all d hantarans deco at Sayang you, Semua House. I know2, people will say "nape x shop kt Nilai 3??"..oh its because I have once been there and I decided to not going back again there. I think for a 20 cents cheaper price, its not worth it to drive that far=p Plus, I think in Jalan Tar, you can find better choices esp for the flowers. But, I am also aware of other places which are located in the outskirts of KL too..again, kemalasan bergande2, i chose Sayang you=)

Due to my tight budget (again..) I targeted to buy all d raw materials worth no more than rm150..surprisingly, I managed to get in total less than that!haha..(how stingy could i be T_T)..I bought ranges of blue flowers (d plastic2 common one) and also some ribbons and styrofoam. (all the cheapest in the kedai=p). I'll put the piccas later=). My blue theme was taken out of my imagination..who dreamt of crystal look for everything..I made my sister 'haf dead' temankan me finding engagement dress with water crystal blue beads..yesh!!there were none i've found =( So, I bought a dress with 'not-at-all-looks like water crystal blue T_T In conclusion, baju dh failed to follow the theme...

So was the hantaran, of course there were no water crystal blue flowers ever existed in Sayang you goes my dream..='( I managed to tell my dream engagement theme to some of my friends..about all looking watery crystal blue..I would say..all of them dont get it!Although some have said that what I have in mind was exactly like Serina Redzuan's nikah hantarans. Ohoho..I've checked!yeah, it looks like that as in 80%=) So, I would say, it is not impossible to do what u have in mind. People wud always said its outrageous..but, they actually dont get it i guess!In my case, what I have pictured in mind, I have once said its impossible cz its too dreamy..but then I saw that some people do think like me..meaning d thing that I want is not impossible, its just difficult. Cz u know, to achieve something you must have the eligibility. in my case-->i have financial limitation. Still, I think i have pulled out something that's cute (in my eyes la..haha). What am I saying??

Yesh!I have finished decorating all the 7 hantarans template=p ahaha..from 5pm-9pm immediately after I reached home from KL=) ahaha..All went well (except for lecuran2 gam n calar tgn T_T). There are not at all looking like what I have pictured originally, but I think they are sufficient to say how much I want this e-day to happen=) All raw material were beautifully arranged and all were decorated according to my plan of 'how to use cheap things and change it to look expensive' concept=p Cant wait to share 'i-think-they-are-pretty' hntrn deco with u all. But, haha..hv to wait after everything settled=) Pray for everything to be smooth n save for my e-day ^_^
Here's the sneek peek=p


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