Friday, April 23, 2010

love book for sale!

salam all..

Haha..i know i know, this one is not related=p But, for somebody who has stucked in long distance relationship like forever, this books had somehow help you to heal rase saket rindu itu=p haha..terutame bile tegadoh kejap=p so, here they let go. The cecelia's Ahern collection. You wont get this gud price in store=p

Thanks for the memories-RM12

If you could see me now-RM12

Both books are still in a very good condition (baru bace sekali=]). There are another two (mls nk amek gamba T_T). p.s I love you (this one i heart it so much) and At Rainbow's end (very unique!). Both will b let go at rm12 as well. E-mail me at for enquiries=p

All sold (except at rainbow's end)

LOV, Queen4ADay!


  1. Alamak! RM12? Nak nak! nak p.s:I love u. Bleh? reserved kan. nnt aku dtg may 1st aku amek. okeh? hehehe. Sape author At rainbow's end? and.... best ke cecilia ahern? xpenah baca lagi die nye novel. T_T (selalu beli nora robert je. huhu)

  2. sume nye adelah cecelia ahern..oh, i lov her..i'll let go all of cecelia ahern.pastu baru sophie kinsella=p haha..cecelia tu mcm byk romantic, tp touching but very light la..xde la romen2 mcm sidney sheldon=p haha..ok. reserve that fer u!



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