Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ooppss..jgn membazir

Assalamualaikum to everybody..

nila akibatnye kalo thesis tak dpt2 balik dpd supervisor for correction..mase sgtla free=p but, really feel afraid of how busy will i be in anytime soon T-T (after gettingd correction laaa..)

Yesterday, during my decorating hantaran session while chatting with my 'becok 'mom=p, my sister arrived from Penang. She brought along with her, 4 boxes of well decorated hntrn consisting of choco balls, strawberry-looks-like jelly, something that looks like flower and beautifully arranged buah kurma. The plastic was SSF=| So, I think you guys can imagine how beautifully done they are. My sister who's gona get engaged in so short notice will also give out 7 dulangs for her fiance (later). So, right now, on our dining table, they are 4 boxes of well decorated thingy2=p haha, 1 sejadah (my sis in law transformed it to some kind of mini pelamin complete with bride n groom statue=p, bucket of fruits, a basket of chocos, a fondant cake, baju nikah for d groom, a plate for sirih junjung. Can you count that??=| And remember, they are supposed to be total of 7 dulangs..

The thing is, she has bought a big bag of crystal flowers (meant for decorations of her hantarans.All the hantarans). BUt, 3 of them are from my sis in law, who has used cheap2 flowers to decorate them..3 okay!and bunge crystal wont be suitable to be used in sirih junjung..so, i think haf of the crystal flower will b put to waste!All then hantarans that she brought from SSF are all beautifully decorated already and no need of any flowers to be put. So, what I want to say here..dont la waste...just stick to d plan esp if you have already initiate them. Finish what you guys already started and dont be afraid to look at the earnings=)

Ah well, right now, my sister gave me 3 hantarans out of four that she purchased from d SSF. Yeah, the gift has somehow spoiling my plan, tp..terime kaseh kakak for alwiz do something great for your sister=) My plan was spoiled..but to something better=)

Oh, let me bring you guys back to d story of 'belakang tabir'. Actually, I wasnt planning to buy all new for my e-day hantarans. I planned to just recycle all the template of my sister's. But, looking at how my sister's deco..haha..nahh..they weren't at all that I like=p n i felt x smpai ati to recycle everything while my future MIL tempah d hantarans. So then I decided to have my own hantaran with my own hands!tp, 3 jam je dh siap...xdela mencabar sgt=p haha...

So, I guess, after I ikhlaskan hati to really do the hantaran without feeling stingy..(haha..) then Allah permudahkan..see..I got not one, but 3 very beautifully decorated hnatarans!I'll put them on my pretty hantaran base (konon=p) and done! So guys, jgn kedekut2..tp jgn membazir=) Quote from my fren-->Nnt nk kawen, rezeki tu ade je..its like Allah itu akan mempermudahkan segalanya sbb kitekan nk membina masjid (re-phrase version=p)..

That's it!

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