Monday, April 19, 2010

photographer selection


I have been in relationship with the man I'm gona get married like forever. He is my first love eversince I knew love=) i have never been in relationship with any man before him. And I have never be able to knw others after him. So, that's how he's being so special. hehe..oh, would like to express how syukur I am to have met a person who made me stay willingly for years. Peliknye..I also dont know how he did that (I have once believed I hav been mandremed -made up english word=p)..

I met him in the year 2000. Starting knowing him little by little thru fon. But our footsteps were so little at a time. So, do your maths, this year would b our 10th yearsbeing together..I still felt like yesterday though..I guess I have known so much about him. I have confidently said I knew him d littlest, i wud say 70%. But he denied it and said that he's afraid that I just knew him 10% T_T..But at least he's being honest about it. And he afraid that I might not like him If I knew the rest. Oh, don be afraid guys..he mmg like down to earth (like me=p haha ..not at all T_T) Us..on our date in Shinjuku, Tokyo=p

He always told me to just have a simple wedding...jimat2 cz we both will live in other country and he'll b d only breads-maker. bla2..So, I (who happens to b so stingy for d wedding plus I save d money in the hardest way ever) of course have not seen this as any problem. In fact I would love his idea more than he can imagine=p

TAPI..die ni very d tasteful..everything he said sume x jadi. We ended up with expensive wedding package..n tonight photographer..haha..I was thinking to have photographer for both event in less than 3k.But what happend tonight???haha...hampes sunggoh..

yesh..he is so tasteful n he doesn't mind to pay tinggi sket..I always said this to him-->Tak gune nye bebeh!haha...

We are now ended up with all photographers from candid syndrome which I don't even dream to have one before. Still waiting their reply=) Update soon about our selections.

The bride who keeps failing to stick to d plan=p


  1. Good progress dear. ^_^ haha. Aku tak book pon lagi photographer. T_T huuu

  2. la..if u compare my date to u..i m like so last minute T_T



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