Monday, April 19, 2010

dear harajuku gurls=p


Oh, this post is actually dedicated to someone yg very d very keen to go to Japan=p haha..

My 'him' just bought me a ticket (one way T-T) to pindah with him to Nihon..n play a role as his wife there=p The price was soooo cheap..but most of d dates dh abes!!!(yg tinggal of course la yg mhl=p) so, for those yg pernah mentioned to hugging2 mase winter kt Nihon nnt..sile dptkan ur ticket ASAP!

em...I still think last year's fair was much cheaper..i got return ticket to Tokyo for rm1.2k..hmm..will it b later fair after this??=|

Aishiteru Ashurafu,


  1. kenape aku rase mcm entry ni ditujukan kat aku? hahahaha XD

  2. haha..mmg pon=p ahaha..kalo x, x kose nk post kt blog=p ahahaha

  3. HAha. Dah agak dah. But we've changed our honeymoon destination la. hehehe. sebab kamu kate xbest pergi time winter. hahaha. lagipon nnt menyemak je kamu dan suami di rumah sedangkan kami mau bermaje-manje. hahaha XD MAS promo ke?

  4. larr yeke...emh..yep..MAS tgh promo..but u hv to act fast esp for ticket purchasing bln 11,12.they r selling fast.ticket flying home for ur wedding pon i couldnt get dah=( hopefully ade lg additional flights later T_T
    so, where r u guys planning to make babies?=p

  5. Hahha...that....later la br gtau. hahahah XD



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