Wednesday, April 7, 2010

yesh!its gona be in dewan

Salam ladies!

I guess this one will b the first post about my venue=) Getting married at dewan is already my intention since Igot aware of wedding thingy2 ni. For somebody who live in taman perumahan of double storey houses, spacing is always an issue. People whose gona visit my house always asked me this; where to park??haha..even us in the neighborhood having difficulties finding parking space for our own carssss=p So, this will give me more reason for having a big event in my life at a dewan.

Personally, I really dont want to make my guest sit panas2 bwh kemah. n what i am more afraid of is hujann........ahaha..Plus, I did heard that d price of dewan is somehow cheaper than kemah..n hall got dinding!thats d most important. Ok, but, d one hall that will hold my event has no stage. For me, it is not an issue at all..i do not care. I just want everyone feel comfortable and still has d make up on even after 4 hours been in my jamuan (maksodnye dewan tu sejokk..=p).ahaha..Another reason kan, i think besanding kt dewan is more meaningful so that everybody can see me on the pelamin at once, they dont have to peek into any holes so tht they cud see me bersanding=p so, byknye alasan yg menyokong kelebihan dewan, so, dewan it is then!

But not that I know, that wedding package for dewan is like far more expensive than if u do at home. No wonder some people put pelamin rumah in the dewan cz d price to get pelamin dewan is much2 more expensive. If you can get pelamin rumah price from rm500, pelamin dewan u hv to pay starting from 1500. Never mind if you wanted a design that has block2 tu=p This one story I have mentioned it in here.

My dewan is under the management of MBPJ. The price is really cheap.I booked for two days, n d price was really cheap than 2 kemah. The thing that causes the price elevates was the aircond. I have to pay rm100/hour just for the aircond. Oh no..But, I can just get the aircond on for like 4 hours (during guest ramai). Rent plus d aircond during that time was exceeding rm1000. BUt still ok la..that's a lot cheaper than any other hall. Syukur..=)

Ramai kwn i yg cakp, nk kawen rezeki murah. I guess its true. Cz, MBPJ sent me a letter noticing that I got 50% discount for everything and they'll give me 6 hours aircond???!!!Im so happy to get that. I never has targeted to this. Alhamdulillah...semuanya dipermudahkan lg=) Semoga perjalannku membina masjid ini dipermudahkan oleh MU lg, Ya Allah..

p/s:All this thanks to you, my cousin, Mijat!I'll treat u to lunch one day=)

Alhamdulillah, syukur..


  1. alhamdulillah....murah rejeki mung...

  2. tuloh...kawe nok cari penaja kerete penganting pulok ni..ingak nok paka ade kena sape2 paka vioh dok??=|

  3. mek...xkenal sapo2 hok pakai vioh...hooooo...kan kala br beli vioh baru...pinjey hok dio la...hehehe...



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