Sunday, April 18, 2010

signifikan tepak sireh??

Assalamualaikum to all readers!

Still in d mood of revealing my sister's e-day's momento=p haha...see the picture above??its tepak sireh..

Before this (until hari jumaat before my sis e'day la=p) i thought sireh junjung is another version of tepak sireh. I thought d tepak sireh is d old fashioned of sireh junjung..haha (how dumb cud i b=p) On my sis e-day, the groom's side has given us tepak sireh as well s sireh junjung. It puzzled me. Cz i thought u hv to giv either one. Then I was questioning it to my aunts. They were arguing and all I was thinking to not having sireh junjung on my e-day (i wanted it to b classic so i want tepak sireh to b given away). My Maklang (the oldest auntie alive=p) was so kind to let me used her tepak sireh so that my drem wud come true=phaha..

I did asked my mom about mom's standard answer..x tau!haha..(my mom mmg sunggoh begaye kalo tanye adat2 ni..haha) So,sume org mase tu clueless about the role of the tepak sireh even my eldest auntie alive=p How we finally got to knw to answer??Shockingly, its from my most secular auntie alive=p haha..She said tepak sireh is from d groom's side cz they are d one who proposed. So, in the tepak sireh, got betel, quid, tobacco, er..tu je kot..(i forgot to snap d inside of tepak sireh T-T..i'll check if the things still gud=p). if we, d bride's side agree to the proposal, we received d tepak sireh la..n eat some of the sireh n all..As they were making their sireh..I barged in and lecture them about the consequences of betel quid chewing until they get annoyed..(yes guys, I'm doing research on oral cancer..haha..) so, they just took of a bit of each thing so tht it will appear lessen. As it appear lessen, that's the signal saying we with open hearted agree to the proposal=)

hehe..sometimes people who looked like has forgotten their root, is not at all like what we have thought they are=)

The bride who has to proceed with sireh junjung,

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