Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ok2..dh tukar=)

Salam...(esp for fifi=|)

As you can see, i've changed d whole thing as requested=p haha..so, enjoy reading=) oh well, having blog making me so malas to tell people about my wedding prep using my mouth=p haha..
ok x my new layout??i chose this cz it's refreshing=) hope my pupil wont get tired easily as I'm composing=p

Not just the layout got changed, but also my wedding dress's design=p haha..u guys must b tired of this issue esp. this one person yg i drag along to meet the tailor=p ahahaha....tp alhamdulillah, I got her 'restu' just now to change it..(cz if I change without telling her after all d adventure v went together, I must be crashed by Vios in no time=p)..I think d new design met all the details that I want. So, this baju is already in a piece then the tailor wont get headache to understand my need=) I'll show this one to 'him' by tonite. Hope I'll get d 'restu' from him as well=) N i really hope this will b d last time I changed d design=( i also got tired of mysef T_T (nevermind other people=p).

But..(still a but) I still hasn't finalized d design for d groom's side and nikah....haha..So, u will see more post under wedding dress label later=p haha..(Sabar ye Fifi=p)

have a nice day,


  1. ahahahaah...yesh!kalo tibe part baju mmg cani la=p

  2. hah kan senang sikit nak bace
    xde la sakit mata aku...hehehe...

  3. hahaha...fi..updet ar cite yg logik pulak..try ur best la to not imagining things=p haha

  4. waa.... boyan! gembira jumpa kamu di sini!! :)

  5. haha..shh...my identity supposed to b a secret=p haha...welcome2...kalo ade yg typo tu abaikan..i never read back wat i've written=p ahaha

  6. oi... anything yang kite tulis kne proofread. hahaha. sile bace balik. if x..pening aku nak translate. hahaha



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