Monday, April 19, 2010

so predictable!

Salam guys!

Last week, I had a B2B meeting..haha (its not actually, I said so all of us happend to get married this year=])..We hadn't talk so much about our prep..but..weird..I think we had so much fun talking about New Zealand=p Nevertheless, I think everybody would like it to b a secret kot..some of the thing they would like to reveal it on the 'day' itsef. One of my friend insisted to know my wedding and also my e-day's theme. For the wedding, I really dont have any theme. I just have everything according to their best colour in my eyes. haha..So, they wont be all d same (eg:pelamin kale oren, bunge pahar juge oren..). Don't worry folks, mine would b so simple and reproducible=p

For the e-day, the theme wud b blue. Its not that I love blue, n wanted blue for d e-day eversince. The reason was I have fallen in love with d blue chiffon in Gulatis. I didn't fell for it instantly though. I think that's d best colour available on their rack=( So, everything right now will b made in blue. Tht's how I got my theme. I know, blue is typical=(

The only chifon beaded that caught my eyes (not so instant though T-T)

Most of my friend said that I wud have a pink theme for my e-day or my wedding day. They said it so confidently. I keep denying my special interest for pink. But as I open my wardrobe, yesh..u'll see ranges of pink=p (no2..i still not into pink that much..this was just coincindence=p)
So folks, my e-day would not b in pink, but blue (more typical than they had guessed T_T)..

Will it b a pelamin for my e-day??In my previous entry I mentioned about how wasteful it was to have a pelamin on e-day??I still not agree to this, but yesh, there will b pelamin on my e-day T_T..but, i agree to hv one because it wont hurt me in anyway pon (d pelamin will b sponsored=p)..the one who insisted to have one, of course la yg katenye nk buat simple2 but he said this : ape2 pon I nk pelamin..(die ingat die agaknye yg nk besanding kt ats tu T_T) BUt I know, he wanted everything to be beautiful 4 me=)

Here goes some of the hints of what's you guys goin to see on my e-day.

Still feeling numb about this engagement of her;


  1. ngee~ mcm kenal jer chiffon beaded tuh~ =P

  2. Macam tu erk cerita dia? ingat kan ikut theme baju Siti dalam VClip Amarah. hikhik XD

  3. baju dh siap wayy before d vid. klip=p



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