Sunday, April 25, 2010

abangku n band nyee


Haish..i got so many offers for my wedding day's entertainment. Y la u guys xnk sponsor meje ke..dewan ke..=p asalkan ade je org nk sponsor kn..Alhamdulillah..Justify Full

to be honest, i don't want any entertainment yg too much sgt for my wedding. Based on my experience, going to wedding are equivalent to reunions=p so, apart from seeing pengantin, v also gettin ready to meet some old frens and even exes..haha..(eh, i dont have any ex, im talking about other people=p). During the majlis, we spent most of the time talking n go around d majlis for meeting n greeting session..pengantin tgk dr jauh je=p haha..Therefore, I know d feeling of sitting for hours with loud music on the air.haishh..mmg menyampah la jugak..we hv to shout to each other everytime..bygkan if satu dewan has to shout plus d loud sounds T_T keluar dewan komfem pening=p haha

My brother has its own band. yesh!he also had participated in many competitions.but he's now slowing down d competition thingy cz of his age n got busy.haha..stil, he did jammings now n then=) he's one of the sponsor yg offer for band for my wedding. band die senirik la..but i know my bro so well..he only play rock kapak T_T...waaaaaaaaaaa..i dont want any rock kapak on my wedding to b played=( n he also wanted to sponsor for karaoke..i know his collection..besides rock kapak he got a lot of lagu ngarut2 ni..wa.............

I just want background musics for my fav lov songs la..and just an emcee to control d flow..i mean emcee, not dj (who will consistently talking sepanjang majlis..if v got lucky then d dj xde la mengarut2=|)

Hm..i gues i m in a big bro is so besungguh2 nk play on my wedding=( what shud i tell him to just play the records that i have=( er..but i don't have it now i m still preparing the list of songs to b burnt in a cd.i m sort of dh telupe d songs yg dulu tht i love.but if i heard it played, i know..ala..susah la cani..dh lupe=( maybe u guys can help me prepare d list=p hehe..

Pengantin dlm dilema T_T

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