Friday, April 23, 2010



My head was so light this morning cz one chapter is considered complete. eh, not d wedding, d thesis=p at least there's something that has been, i decided to celebrate it with sleeping all day=p hehe..(bcz this is d only activity that wont consume any cents, kn kene jimat nk kawen=p)but, baru 5 mins dah pening2 mcm nk jatuh (really not gud for day-sleeping T_T). But then I still forced mysef to sleep. Managed to sleep for one hour and now there's a stone buried in my skull..cannot lift my head even an inch=( waaaaaaaa.........

ok2, I dont wanna be like this one blog yg buat2 cite x logik=p hahaha...kidding=p so, v go straight to what i'm going to share wit u despite of my unlifted (made up) head T_T

Ok, just now when I was going to uplod pictures from my mobile to my computer, I noticed that i actually have snapped quite a lot of pelamin collections from everywhere. What I noticed was, they are more or less d same.haha..look at them..

crap la this one..i tried so many times uploading it..its still senget..s&*t (ni BM tau)..this one xdela i fall in lov sgt...but in the kedai during tht time, this one is d only choice tht hs caught my shud b d one tht i'll fall straight for it!

yang ni pulak..not bad..but stil a d toke takmo buat cz its dangerous..d tiangs easil jatuh esp bile amek gamba ramai2 nnt..haha.. but, deep down my heart, i xdela suke sgt..

my sister loved this one, so i was kind of faking my interest by giving it a snap=p haha..sory guys..i just hate d chairs..mcm ape je=p whats d point of all d nice backgroud if it was blocked by chairs like that=p n im a petite, so high back chairs is definitely a NO! (eh, this one is personal opinion offense para wedding planner sekalian..peace!)

I heart this one soo much!This was exactly what I've wanted before i started the journey of wedding2 ni..very simple..less flowers, practical, everything's there with a reason. haha..but, vendor dh x buat mcm ni.i dont understand. this was d least complicated in their collection. n they refused to do this even if i pay them extra penny.sgt x fhm...T_T

After everything kan, I have finally got my pelamin. It is sooo much better than what I ve listed above, and what I have dreamed of. The design lagila jauh bakal pengantin, mags, websites, and BLOGSSS are really being helpful to find ur likeness. After realizing how ketinggalan i was in wedding industry, then I started to buy d mags and also read other B2B blogs. Dulu, prinsip i mmg mls nk yek2 dh alang2 buat tu, buat btol2=).dpd menyesal nnt.

Rezeki org nk kawen kot I got more than all I have ever wanted (for d time being, i mean pelamin..hehe..oh oh, n d man=p)
..Alhamdulillah for everything that I have right now=)

Oh, in case you guys interested with all d pelamins above, u might emel me personally=)

sorry about d low quality pics. All of this are from d previous 'mission'.kene la pakai kemere terdekat n x obvious=p haha..


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