Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sempat lagi..

Helo2..and Assalamualaikum

Yesterday, before my so-called mission in Sayang you, I stopped by my wedding boutique. As many of my caring frens told me so many times to start making the wedding dress by now! haha..but I have to tell you guys that it is not that freaking la..d tailor of that boutique pon pesan to me to go again by next month (about 3 months before d date), so i guess, I went there too early=p haha...

I got tips here. Bring the piccas of the dress that you dream of. It will be easier, and the risk of ur dress became weird will be less=p In my case, haha...i think it was so difficult to explained to the tailor as my dream dress is making up by combinations of several different dresses..hmm..all discussion went well..but I know..she wasnt really understand T_T So, back here, Im thinking to just make things easier for all of us, n find the picture that I really like so that the tailor will easily follow the design..(if anything comes to dres..alwiz a problem fer me =[)

But again..haha..do I have to sacrifice all of my imagination to make the tailor's life easier???

bride-to-be who cant stop thinking about wedding dress=p

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