Sunday, May 9, 2010

another ring on my finger

Salam all,
oh, it has been a long time since my last update. I was so busy since then. I was busy that I am afraid that I wont have enuf time until the deadline=( waa...To update this blog, i dont feel guilty cz i've spent the whole day reading n investigating this one question. After khatam 2 books, then I knew that the thing is not mentioned in any books T_T (ape la yg membebel ni..haha)

FYI, I am engaged.hee...yesh engaged for a week already (happy one week engageversary=p) oh no, i m not tht kind of person whom so precisely counting days=p haha...I even forgot when i was dirisik last year (teruknye T_T). oh, here's some of the pictures. I do not have d pictures of the hantarans that I decorate from cheap2 flowers. Still waiting for d CD to b posted. I got this from groom's side. Like already told, my theme is blue. I was so surprised that it turned out pretty=) cz.. u know i'm not a big fan of blue..

inilah saye diatas pelamin yg x dela cantik sgt..^_^

saat disarungkan cincin =)..tetibe ade byk kamere pule..
On that day, everything went quite perfect. Thanks to my mom for everything. She pulled out very fine without my dad around (my dad passed away for 7 years already T-T). I was happy in every single thing that we'v planned terutame skali about food. The magic here was, v only cook one dish, but it turned out ade 7 dishes catered. All thanks to my aunts and uncles who sponsored here n there.I felt so blessed and loved by u guys. My mom said, kuih muih ade 10 jenis. My mom didn't even know where they came from.haha..Thank you to all anonymous donor. Really appreciate it. Wish I could repay them one day=)

The rombongan came about 20 peoples. My brother said most of them are org glamer2 (seriously i didn't know that...) but i was impressed la cz they can sit in my humble house and got involved in this small ceremony. Here goes my respect to all of u. oh , yes they ate using their bare hands tau.haha..i didn't provide any fork n spoon=p

The time when he pujuk me to do pre-wedding photoshoot T_T

About the hantarans, I'll post it separately later. I was so happy at the end of the day. But feeling regret cz there so little picture of my baju=( waaaaa....that's d most thing that i put my efforts on =p haha..(its true T-T) fiance did bring me 2 photographers so that I can take s much picture s i want. He even insisted for us to do pre-wedding photoshoot outdoor (if i refused this one, there will b none pre-wedding photoshoot for us cz he will only be in Malaysia again one day before solemnization T_T)..but, in d end i refused his request (and he's wearing baju sedondon ngan i). I just need to be at this one occasion which I wont forgive myself of not attending. Its my bestfriend's wedding in Senawang. After all d rombongan balik, I left my majlis to just show my face at her wedding. But, I didn't just show up with baju glamer n mekap tebal..i did sit and eat like normal guest while everybody was staring at me=p haha...sampai rumah, tros regret x dpt amek xpe, its not tht important to hv pre-wedding we hv nicer photos in collection=p hahah..we planned to use that for the bunting. oh, i wish i hav d pic, but the photographer didn't want to help me with snapping=( hv to wait for d official photo la then.

After the ceremony and all, i realized that getting married is a very big thing that I should have put more thoughts on it. I really felt the responsibility along immediately after the ring was put on my finger. I supposed to be someone who talks a lot. But I seriously do not know how to start with his family members. I was even quieter to her mom after this ceremony ended=( I felt insecure to say anything=( this how we supposed to feel??Really hv to learn a lot. Especially kemahiran berborak ngan org tue=|I am so childesh that I cannot talk to elders=( It's ok!There's a lot of time to learn (tp lg 2 bln lebey je T_T)

What I'm trying to say is, marriage is not just about the ceremony and spending. It is more than that. It is a process to let other family..a big accept u. As u all know, even we live very close to our neighbor, the way they live is so different wit us. never mind for those living far away or in other state ke. The culture of living is not just different according to state, but its even variables between us, individuals. However, dont feel that this is hard and you hv got to pretend. No, you dont have to. Cz nobody is perfect=) What I've learnt on tht day was, I am supposed to be myself who talks a lot and don't feel afraid to reveal who u r. Cant wait for me to meet them again so that I can show them who I am=)

Blooger who neva do proof reading;



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