Sunday, May 23, 2010

dedicated to 'whoever' yg tag i =p


Oh well, I guess i owe somebody a big time..i should just spill out her name in here--> SCR
I think to repay her kan..i should answer this tag la..she must be waiting for my version of answer for a longgg time already. Sorry's for ur reference=p haha

1. First time jumpa your hubby fiance bila dan kat mana?
Err...back in high school..err..precisely??ishh..u know this rite SCR??=p

2. Love at first sight?
I think so..but it took me many years to realize='(

3. Who is he when the 1st time you met him?
budak 5 tegas yg saye x masok campor hal2 rumahtangge dorang..haha

4. How long it takes for him to ask you out for a date?
I couldn't remember when the first time he asked..i remembered d time when i finally agree was after a couple of YEARSSS he's been asking me to go out for a date T_T

5. First place dating?
Of course my second home-->MV=p

6. How he proposed?
I take this as proposal to marriage this post then=p
p/s: The story of how we finally b a couple??.oh, that's so complicated..n i'll b labelled as d bad heroin at the, i better keep that a secret T_T

7. Special date with your hubby?
if he is my hubby...d date would b 010810.insyaAllah...dgn izinNya

8. Changes that he asked you to do?
Like most of us..don't be too emotional..n also please don't jump into conclusion so fast T_T

9. What is about him that you love so much?
er..tht would b a lot..hence, that has forced me to get trapped with him for d rest of my life a.k.a since i knew lov...haha..n i like it;)

10. What is about him that you wish he would change?
'bebeh..can i be ur first wife instead of football??=(' oh, oh..'bebeh..can v go date at some other place tomoro..i mean d place where they don't sell denki sehin T-T'

11. You will lose your mind and crack your head when he..
lost hope to pujuk me=p hihi

12. You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he....
back in Malaysia of course T_T we'v been in a long distance since v wer 19 T-T

13. Complete below sentences, "My love towards your hubby is as big as....
it cudn't b measured u know..^_^

I think I shud hav tagged sumbody'll do it at some other time cz i hv back pain rite now (alasan=p)

p/s:mintak2 bebeh x bace la ni T_T *blushing*


  1. =p dh forbid die dah..mane bleh bace blog awek maa...



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