Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm scared=(


I would like to start my writing today by thanking my dear friend, Fifi and Kala. Besides ur willingness to spend 'some' time with me, thank you for making BIG amendments to my pelamin=| Now I have to think d design that I really want T_T

Today v met my tailor to be measured. I got the design for bride's reception. But due to some situation, I still cannot decide the design for the groom's side=( I did gave a 'temporary' design. But the picture I gave was not clear that I was very sure that the tailor wasn't get it=( Plus, v wer NOT convinced with how she worked and looked at the collection.. Oh God, please have mercy for me=(

After the visit, v went to Semua House. My fren needed to get something at Sayang You which happened to be at d same level with Fotome Studio (the bridal boutique that I've paid to tailor my wedding dress at first, and cancelled T_T). I was so frustrated to see that their dresses are wayyyyyyyyyyy prettier than those in my wedding planner's=( Their dresses (Fotome) are soo sooo pretty (prettier than what v see in magazines=( )Wish me luck ladies! Fifi n Kala with me on my E-day=)

So distracted and worried,

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