Wednesday, June 2, 2010

corsage for family-teaser

Salam ladies=)

Last Friday (which I didn't realized its cuti T_T), my sister kind of drag me to Nilai 3 (cz I think everybody knew that I wont go there nymore..). So, since I just knew it's cuti..I just go la since me also didnt hv plans for that day. My sister was so keen to do her own bunge telur. Tht's y she needs to start now.hehe..(her wedding will be on the 1/1/11). So, she decided to go around finding the nicest flower in Nilai 3 cz she assumed there will be more of choices there. Hehe..Turned out..naada..none of the flowers captured her eyes (dh agak dah..)

To no waste our energy walking in a very hot sunny so dry n v actually caught diarrhea (beli air jambu kt situ T_T), I decided (by the force of my sister) to buy corsages for family n penanggah. So my sister go checking the corsages. She had a very hard time to pick the one which really is pretty in our eyes of course.

I made faces=p hehe..My sister asked me why didn't I helped her sorting out the corsages?? and I said: "I already have the corsage that I want. I want to do it myself" hehe..

Then, I tell my sister what's in my mind.And she agreed to that.hehe.. We then find the flowers to do our DIY corsage. It doesn't took long. Cz I already knows what I want=) Easier rite??

Oh, I've so rajin for the past weekend tht I could finish preparing for corsages and the bunge telurs..hehe..consequence: Patah pinggang T_T

Here's the teaser for the family corsage =) (don't worry, I hv already prepared for the step by step post=p hihi)
Asked my unofficial wedding planner about my corsage ni. And she loves it;p yey!
The best part price of my corsage ni hanyela 60sen sahaje...hehe

Late in the evening..(yesh!after we gilir2 g toilet T_T) v go to PKNS. Aim:to tempah ape papan tah for my sister's office. Pastu my sister yg gatal2, pegi masok kedai kraftagan kt tgkt 1.The kakak tu quite nice to let us treat her kedai like ours=p sume mende kitorang kemas=p The kakak oso got her own kraftangan book And to our surprise, her gerak hati is rite!I found my bunge telor impian!yeye! and she found her bunge telor impian juge!hahak..

BUT...all of d bunge only available for 50 pieces of bunge telor T-T (mane nk cukop wat bunge pahar T-T). Tp I x kire!nk jugak.haha..xpela bunge pahar sebelah lain, sblh laen.haha..susah woo nk anybody ade tejmpe bunge telor sort of like below, silela notice saye..time kaseh..

source:x ingat T_T tp kt gamba tu ade seal dorang.hehe

At the end of the day, me n my sister puas hati sgt cz we managed to find our bunge telor..tpnye mahal gle T_T ohhT_T

B2B who x kesah pon xde bunge telor;


  1. My pun x nak bunga telur.. cost too much ..Pada My lah.. huhu..

  2. mmg too much pon.unless v can just close our eyes beli je yg 90sen satu tu alhamdulillah my bunge telor ade sponsor=p dont worry MY, when the time comes, rezeki tu adeje ^_^



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