Friday, June 18, 2010

Tudung decided!

Salam to all..

My mission for next week is tudung hunting!hehe..So, I have decided to just wear tudung awning. I tried to think of other fesyen tp afraid that the looks might ruin my whole life later haha (yela d photos kan to be kept forever..insyaAllah..).

I guess I have to embrace the fact that I got a very round face and only tudung awning will solve the problem=( Plus, I think I looked good in tudung awning don't u guys think??hehe..

Me on my e-day..the tudung was OK ryte??

Based on my experience, tudung nikah I wud prefer not to apply any nnt mase d groom nk cium dahi, x sampai muncung..haha..seen a lot of my frens was like that=p So, maybe I'll wear tudung bawal je kot (prefer not actually T_T). Do u guys got alternatives to that??T_T

B2B who'd love to have heavy beadings veil instead of beadings on tudung;


  1. itula..wani pon jenis yg hyper..kalo pakai tudong yg susah2 mesti gamba kawen hampeh nnt.haha.

  2. haah.. betul tu.. kalo ade awning ni susah sket dia nak lari2 or kemek2.. dan tak nmpk muka terlalu bulat. tp pilihan kat tgn wani.. hehhehee



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