Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bunting business

Salam all..

I was supposed to be busy with facilitator duty. But I just called it quit!Oh, maybe d job just don't suit me nymore. I love kids. i do. But this time, I just hate the person who's incharge.haha..and i remembered, my teacher said this: If you don't like to stay at one place, you have to go. Don't try changing everything. So, without further ado, I backed off. N I am very happy with my decision=)

Ok, now I have a free time about 2 hours. So, what do I do? Oh, my bunting x buat lg.

For most people, bunting is not that important. But, in my opinion, it really plays a role in a wedding. As for me, if I go to a wedding, bunting is the thing that I'll b looking for to make sure that I am not at a wrong majlis. Especially if d wedding happens to be during school holidays. Oh my, khemah was everywhere! So, I decided to have bunting.

Went for a survey at a printing shop near my house. They gave me a very thick catalogue of their previous bunting. I sit for 10 minutes, flipping through and...............none that I loike T_T Gosh...

Then I remembered one of my fren's bunting. I was inpired and here I am, designing my own bunting. haha..It's very simple, yet I loike;) What about u guys?

Us at Yokohama again as the backdrop;)

Is there anything that I can do to improvise this bunting? Appreciate any opinions;)

Suprisingly, my mom love this ^_^


  1. Well this is something different... I'm definitely feeling it! no romantic poses, just a girl and a boy looking at the camera and smile. Priceless!!

    I think it would be even more beautiful with other fonts :)

    just my two cents

  2. having problems with d font oso..guess i shud try other fonts;) tenkiu ^_^

  3. mayb kne edit sket so org2 nmpak sket cz tenggelam due to background yg cerah

  4. kay..i know that..but i dono how to do T_T i'm thinking to make d backgroud so blur, so attention will b on d object..but sadly..i dono how to do T-T waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Wani, Why dont u use the one that u both kat LOVE tu? Eh, tapi yang tu xnmpk pulak muke kan? hurm...For me, that bunting look just nice. ^_^

  6. mmo...ko la org yg ke144 yg mencdgkan tu..haha..dh try x dpt nk masokkan sume LOVE tu la..kalo nk buat kene melintang..n tht one too romantic plak..haha..

  7. Tu la. Sebab for me..that pic...macam ingatkan aku kat korang. Xpe..if xpakai untuk bunting pon, boleh letak akt dewan tu nanti. Yang pentin gkene letak sebab sangat suke. hehehe XD

  8. OMG...u just gave me an idea..ehehehe..

  9. erm sorry gilak late rep..tlupe comment katne n kne godek satu2...u gune photoshop nye lasso tool. agak leceh but it works.

    yang gambar arca LOVE tu cantik but i suggest u blur all / or crop except the LOVE and you guys. baru taruk tulisan..

    bole phm ke my words yang putar blit ni?

  10. oh..cantu..
    tried to crop all, leaving d LOVE.but, nnt jd lebar (jd square), not nice to make as bunting T_T or is it actually nice ar??
    Thanks Kay;)

  11. erm...actually cantik lagi if u lasso and blur gile2 blur the background..then add ur words. baru tak nmpak kabut. i thk its a good pic. provided u wat yg agak besar..jgn la 2x5 je takut tenggelam..

    just my 2cents. cz i ni mmg cerewet tahap bride-zilla

  12. i understand u.n that's what I'm going to do. But..i dono how to do T_T
    takpe, cik cincin petak dh menyerah diri nk wat=p ngahahah



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