Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanks Dr. Kay ^_^


Previously I have decided not to have videographer on my wedding day. I wanna save it for life after wedding. To be honest I am so scared to step into a world which I believe wud b so different from my everyday life right now. Tell u all d truth, my financial for now pon x stable.padehal xde tanggungan pon T_T (except cik Lisa la..=kelisa.haha).

I live a life bole dikatekan mcm princess la skrg ni. I dono whose to blame.haha..But, no worries!Iknow how to do house chores ok. It's just that I don't have any house to work my magic on=p hihi..(alasan!).

Ok2..back to the topic. So, my fiance agree.We'll only have videographer at his part je la..(take note that our prep lain2..I am just taking care of the bride's reception je.So, I dont know what's happening at the groom's. Even d groom dono=p haha..)

Tp this morning, I saw an update from KayKamal about cheap photographers around KL. I was so impressed!!how la she managed to find all these people!The cheapest I could get pon dlm 2.5k, tu pon susah gle nk reply msg nor emel.hampes!end up yg mhl T_T. So, I was thinking, d videographer mesti die amek yg affordable jugak..yesh!I wasn't wrong. She did find yg mmg superb affordable. The cheapest I knew was 1.2k. Haiya..I should thank this blog industry la for being so helpful.Really..blogging does help me in many ways already.

But, the person deserves special thanks of course la....Kay Kamal! Thank U Dr. Kay ^_^

Deposit paid without doing the deal;p


  1. alololo...u too suweet la...nothing pon..

    btw, u pilih sape?

  2. kay:videographer..wandet ^_^ naseb bek dorang I need to find d songs pulak..dahla jenis x dgr song yg indah2 utk pendengaran, hv to refer to ur songlist plak;p hehe..gosh..ur blog is so useful!!thanks!
    k.lina:apo yg gompak e??hehe

  3. im glad u found my blog of little help to you. so happy to share!

  4. hehe..i lg hepi cz my hunting jd lg senang..haha.
    so u know, then update selalu ye;p

  5. i pon gune wandet... mula2 tu ingat xnak ambik video sbb xde budget tp sib baik en wan tu msg i dkt fb utk promosi..
    mgkin die pny kualiti x sehebat lain2 tp xpela... janji ade

  6. haha..betol, sbb Dr. Kay ni pakar dlm bidang2 penggambaran, so i guess, wandet's work not that bad;) hv u seen their previous works??ok la..

  7. gempak la.. ade hire pro video-man.. hahahah akak dulu cacar merba je.. hehhehehe.. sbb dule tak fofuler mende alah ni.. so agak high cost sket kalo nak amek.. hehehehehe... so amek sndr je la.. upah edit je siket..



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