Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Orange wedding!

Salam u ols^_^

Again, another post of d day=pOkeh, last weekend I'm sure everybody was busy attending wedding rite?I got 10 invitations T_T But I chose to just attend 1 at a day. Becoz..yg laen2 tu jauh sgt..I do not want my mom to be worried. The week before that I was driving to Ipoh alone. Can U guys imagine how worried she was??Dahla darah manis..Alhamdulillah, I was fine.

Btw, this post is dedicated to one of my best friend back in Samura (Science Muar Royal Academy). She was my classmate and also my dormmate. What's more, we r jiran katil, cn u imagine how close v r??The nikah was held on a rainy cold Friday. The weather that I love to be in. I arrived quite late la..Tok kadi tgh bg ceramah.haha..sorry yani.was stucked in d traffic=( We alwiz expect d nikah ceremony will be associated with nanges2 session n all. But this one, we were laughing like crazy cz d Tok Kadi was so funny n d knowing d bride, making d session Squarecutring and Vanilla and peppermint understand what I am saying=p

Personally, I was so touched seeing her been taken away.Bet it will b difficult for us to berjoyah lg T_T Here's the moment captured=)
with her husband just after sah husband n wife

The reception was held on d next day, on a cool rainy day. Murah rezeki nampaknye pengantin kite ni.hehe..The theme was orange. Sgtla npk sedap segale2nye sbb oren..haha..d colour mmg suit dgn her skin colour. Take a look at below pic. See d make up??flawless..d baju also custom made. It's french lace ye kwn2. She has the seri ^_^ wish that I will have d seri too T_T

The pelamin was set outside the house. Under the kemah. Orange juge.. They place all d hantarans di kiri n kanan pelamin for people to see. But if u want to do like this, u must have somebody to guard this hntrn k..nnt kene rompak pulak=p

Isn't this pelamin looks delicious??

If the pelamin n pengantin pon dh nmpk delicious..nevermind the cake ^_^

Inside was moist choco cake ^_^ I dont really into cake. But, bile mkn sambil2 borak2 with old2 frens, cake tu jd lebih sedap;)

Lastly, I would like to put the pictures of me n my old frens who had together attending this orange wedding. Only god knows how much I miss U guys T_T (Really miss the high school moment=[)I wish my wedding will went smoothly like hers;

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